My last SteemFest post - then I'll shut up

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Just when you thought "Thank goodness there's no more SteemFest posts", another one crops up in your feed again. I make no apologies for writing one more, but promise this will be my last SteemFest 4 post for closure. Then I'll shut up ... till next year.

Since I've been home three weeks ago, this little SteemFest booklet and the contents of the goodie bag have been lying around in my living room. Today, whilst tidying up (I have been doing housework in the past couple of weeks in case you're wondering!!) I figured it was finally time to put the SteemFest stuff away. Before I do so, I want to share some memories and afterthoughts that I haven't talked about in my previous SteemFest posts.

The balancing act

For those that went to SF4, if you look at your badge, you'll see two stickers on the bottom left and right. If you can't remember how you got them, the right one is from @elizacheng and the left one is from me me me!! I did these stickers for the coasters that I gifted at SteemFest, and took some more to Bangkok with me. That's why they are pink, the official colour of SteemFest. Sadly they didn't show up too well on the pink name badges.

Elzia and I had this balancing act and went round giving out stickers to attendees. If you got one, you need the other otherwise you're not balanced 😊. Eliza did a great job with her stickers, and sent me round to balance people out but I think I may have missed few. It was great fun doing this, hopefully we can do it again next year Eliza!

Language barriers

I know some people may be worried about going to SteemFest because of the language barrier. Writing in English is one thing, but interacting is another thing if English isn't your mother tongue. What I found at SteemFest was that there were a lot of people from non native English speaking countries. I meet Team Korea and think apart from @jack8831, the founder of, who also did a presentation at SteemFest, most of the team wasn't too confident conversing in English. I had a lovely chat with @cjsdns, the gentleman behind me who is the found of, through Jack as an interpreter.

A few other people I spoke to also felt their English wasn't good enough, but I think they were worrying too much. The point is, we're not at a formal professional conference, this is a global gathering and it doesn't matter if your English isn't perfect. English speakers will understand you, and if you're speaking to another non English speaker, then have some fun together, laugh at each others' English, it's a great way to loosen up. Don't let this stop you from attending next year.


Who doesn't love goodies? Every attendee got a goodie bag which included the contents shown above, plus a SteemFest T-shirt and the bag itself.. In additional, I got a @coingecko t-shirt which was very good quality, @karpediem and @khimgoh gave out nibbles which I've since goobled up. Khim's goodie bag is really sweet, when you tie it up it's like a bunny. I'm saving this bag as the SteemFest booklet, name badges and bit and pieces fits nicely in it.

@wanderein gave me a packet of yummy dried mango, I've had these before and they are really yummlicious. @travelgirl got me a bunch of Australian foodstuff, including this pack of chocolate caramel koala. It was really funny as Thailand is very hot and I was staying for two weeks so had to keep it in the hotel fridge to avoid it melting. I stayed at three different hotels in Thailand and nearly forgot about them when I checked out!

I could keep going on about my SteemFest experience, but I figured I gotta stop at some stage. As promised, I'm going to shut up now. See you all at SteemFest5 next year!!!


Last image credit @varunpinto, the official SteemFest 4 photographer. Please visit his blog to see all the images from the event. All other images are my own.


I want a Team Malaysia t-shirt!

Looks like you have to wait another 11 months!

@bitrocker2020 @littlenewthings we have a Team Malaysia T-shirt super fans here... 😀

Ya, I never got one either. #notfair

LOL.... we need to get at least 20 - 50 people to get the right price for FULLY CUSTOMISED name t-shirts haha.... We did mention about that but gotta get the list going @slobberchops .

@derangedvisions we need to specially order your stature's tee. I think we might need to get a few 3XL because Asian cuttings are very different (much smaller)

Thanks @elizacheng for reminding me. We actually do need to make another call for the tees later

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Really, I still have yet to catch up. :-)

Good, you can keep the SF memories going for us all

It is fun to hear how much you enjoyed it!

It was really fun meeting everyone! And @jarvie is such a poser 😂 (sorry he's sideways )

ha ha nice!

Thanks for share your memories

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Totally love our balancing act... And I was afraid you don't wanna continue this next year... Now you have said it... We will be continuing for as long as we want...

Deal, let's do it!!!!!

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