Steemfest || Can’t Believe It’s Over

in steemfest •  9 months ago 

What?! That’s the end?!! Can’t believe SteemFest is already over!!! I expected to level up my understanding of Steem and the blockchain but more than that to get a feel of the people behind the usernames and I wasn’t disappointed.


All of this came with a lot of fun too. Some of us Ladies dressed for the closing dinner but had to for go the heels in preparation for the dinner on the cruise.

Wanna see what went with the footwear? Here it comes👇🏿


All ready for a party and what a party it was! The food was good, the view great and the company awesome.

Needless to say, you put a bunch of bloggers, vloggers and photographers together and there is no shortage of shares. Experience the night through the tag #steemfest.


The fun you see here is just the start and warm up of what was to come.

From the dinner on the cruise to the party that followed, I knew by the end of the night, I was going to try and make the next one. Now I understand why those who have been keep coming back for more 😉.

Perhaps I will see you at the next one. Well, til the next time Steem on.


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It was so much fun!!!

Way too much fun
So much so, I am already thinking how to get to SF5 and bring the fam too
If back in Europe......oooohhhhhh gotta start like yesterday hahahaha

So happy to have had you on the trip Joanne :D

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Sounds like everyone came home with lots of fun..
And that's the most important thing :)

It's SF hangover hahaha
So sorry for my late reply

I hope you can will be able to make next year
It was a lot of fun ;D

I could still vividly remembered when we all came together and posed our footwear all together. 😂

And then, @arcange came by to the angels.

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It was a great way to start the night :)
And @arcange is so fun and funny :D

Haha you can say that again! Cheers to that!

I'm not a fun guy. They just made me drink way too much #Sangsom 😜

I was never able to attend the fest but it seems it was fun.

It was a lot of fun
Wishing you all kinds of enablers to experience the next one :D