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Ok. So, the SteemFest posts are starting to land and already I'm getting serious FOMO. This is how those that couldn't make it last year felt I guess. I really wish I could have been there, but I just have too many commitments here in London this year.

Last year, on day 1 of the main event, I literally walked around the auditorium doing video selfies with as many Steemians I recognised. The original video actually had their Steem names edited in, but I lost that video ages ago.

It isn't everyone that attended, but you can get an idea of how many of us were there last year.

Since I couldn't be there this year, I thought I'd post the video to remind everyone who was present. Already I'm starting to see some familiar faces arriving in Bangkok.

I wish you all the best time at SF4 and I'll be here watching, reading and curating your posts, green with envy :)


Peace and Love ✌🏿

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Maybe I clicked too fast - but it says video unavailable... nonetheless, let us FOMO together... 😭👍

edit: I think video is still just finishing youtube encoding... sure it'll be fine in a minute or so...

yep. there we go, all good!


SF3 was great fun. Hated to miss SF4, but the stars just didn't align for me to pull it off.

I feel you captain. Same for me. Next year I'm calling Kenya haha. (I called Thailand and was right last year) #GandalfTorrent

let's all hold hands and fomo together.

A FOMO shared is a FOMO halved :)

Aw. Happy memories. I'm feeling dead jealous that I'm not there. Not to mention the t-shirt envy. They're sooooo much nicer than last year. 😂

Only comfort is there seems to be a number of us that didn't make it this time around.

Next time hopefully! 😍

Yeah that's true. Fingers crossed Steem would have mooned by then too haha.

Awesome recap.. Lmao, what kind of game did Dtube team played right there.

Thanks haha. DDaily were crazy funny.


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I've got agents there bro. Watch your back.

Oh boooooooooooyyyyy get that girl Ade when you attend SF 4 I mean the girl whose name is haven't I she's sooooo your type.

Woooooo fun fun fun


2.26am and I’m still awake, stupid jet lag keeping me awake. I took a bunch of static photos tonight but it was a little dark.

I think tomorrow will be better. Some unexpected arrivals too. More people than the 100 I was quoted.

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Hahaha. I can imagine. By the time you recover it will be time to come back home :)
Or,... you could just not recover. Go partying by night and sleep through Steemfest events :D

Downvoted for missing the vid after less than 2 weeks - -

Wait three

ps i have too much time to watch vids nowadays lol

Hahahahaha. lol.