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This is my entry for a contest someone is having here on Steemit. The theme is what Steemit has done for me. Feel free to resteem this post to help more people be aware of the contest.

I joined Steemit in 2017 due to unemployment. I have been unable to find/get a job due to autism anxiety etc. I was trying to build my YouTube at the time I was monetized on there until YouTube added a requirement. While I was browsing ONG. Social a guy made a video about alternative sites to YouTube and he talked about Steemit for a short amount of time.

I searched up Steemit and made my account and my account was accepted. I can say that Steemit gave me a place to share my content. I started back making blender renders last year. My art goes unnoticed when I post it on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. I lose so many followers on my art IG. On here I have been slowly gaining followers posting my art. On here even if I get let's say 7 votes that better than my art getting completely ignored like it did on Twitter, Facebook, etc.

Even though I don't make as much I had hopped I should be glad I'm getting something. It adds up over time. Steemit gave me a job (sorta) when I was unable to find a job I can cope with. My mom may not agree with it but I know what's best for me.

I had been able to cash out a few times, unlike YouTube where you need $100 to get paid. I want you to understand it's not just the money but having a place to share my content and get some traction. I am sure Steemt or any other platform gives creators a chance to post their content without censorship. Since YouTube has gone to the dogs.

I also came to Steemit to yeah, share my content with other people who may like it. A platform that rewards people for content is something that I like. No algorithms, unlike Facebook.

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