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Due to the large amount of support from my last article, I have paid the SteemSQL subscription and the Steemfriends app has been revived. Here is prove that it is working again:

My contribution in $ towards steemfriends in the last 3 months

Read (and upvote) this post to see everything Steemfriends can do.

I would also like to thank the following people (and more, won't list the whole 160) for their upvotes on the above post, in order of $ contributed. Thank you @smartsteem @acidyo @drakos @fredrikaa @aggroed @howo @likwid @nonameslefttouse @kevinwong @ctime @tombstone @justineh @funtraveller @spectrumecons @livinguktaiwan @preparedwombat @criminalacorm @mattclarke @curangel @klye @scrawly. In particular thanks to @acidyo for the whooping 40steem donation. And don't forget in the last few months
@thesteemengine has been paying a lot of the SBD costs for SteemSQL.

Next steps:

  • Start a fundition campaign to help fund costs (steemsql, hosting, etc etc).
  • Write a SPS proposal to help fund said costs.
  • Continue to improve steemfriends with additional features.
  • Continue looking at alternate sources of data.
  • Post a monthly article under this account to inform you of updates and to help pay for said costs.

How you can help:

  • Follow @steemfriends.
  • Keep upvoting articles posted under this account.
  • Join the Steemfriends discord server for more immediate communication
  • Keep using and let me know of any suggestions / bugs.
  • Let everyone else know about steemfriends.
  • Keep track of steemfriends' progress with SPS and fundition.

Thank you again for keeping this cool thing going

 last year 

Hi @magicmonk. Love the site; didn't know you were Aussie :)
Trying to calculate total contributions from @frogcake to each of the Adelaide group #mallsballers
It's showing in dollar terms; is there any way we can see that in total STEEM/SP please?
At the end of the calendar year each subscriber needs to increase their delegation based on the amount they've been upvoted.

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To support your work, I also upvoted your post!

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Great to hear that its moving forward again!