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Repository is a feature-rich automatic voting tool. It can be used to create voting rules at, using several parameters. It is possible to automatically optimize vote delay times in order to increase curation rewards.

Posting authority needs to be given to the @rewarding account. I created a discord server for all topics regarding discord invitation.

steemrewarding is currently used by 480 users which created 4106 rules for posts, 276 rules for comments and 337 trail vote rules. In the last 7 days, 31299 time based votes and 4865 vp based votes were broadcasted through steemrewarding. This is an increase of 348% for broadcasted votes per week in comparison to the last report.

Vote delay reduction

The increase amount of rules and votes (204 % more rules and 348 % more weekly votes) increased the vote delay to around from a few seconds to a few minutes. I rewrote the steemrewarding backend, so that votes are now handled in a separate loop. I'm checking now also that a voter can vote only every 3 seconds and delay votes when a vote was casted before.

Vote delay before

The vote delay is up to 3 minutes.

Vote delay after the changes

The delay is now always below one minute.

Using steemrewarding for SCOT

In order to fully use the vote power of a SCOT, steemrewarding can be used to create vote rules with the tribe tag. A new rule can be created at and the tag can then be set at:

It is also possible to follow a voter and follow only the vote when the specified tag is used:
A trail vote can be created at:

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Greetings dear friend @holger80.

Until now I knew "steemauto", this also provides a number of functions and allows you to configure the voting time.
But undoubtedly "steemrewarding" shows total superiority. I am surprised with all these statistics that you have shown us in this post.
Thank you for sharing such valuable information.

Since you seem to have some decent knowledge and experience, would you mind if I ask you to share your own opinion on my latest publication:

I would appreciate it greately.


Awesome @holger80, thank you!

As you may have noticed, I have a bunch of alts trialing the vote of my main account via steemrewarding and I did notice a pretty big delay at times so this is great news.


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Thanks @holger80 for this tool. I’ve been doing exactly as you mentioned, especially targeting creativecoin (the tribe I most align to).

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@tarazkp This is the tool I’m using now.

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Great news... hope we can get that integrated soon-ish.