Scotbot Autoclaim

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Quick announcement. Scotbot is now doing automatic claims for certain tokens.

Properties of autoclaim:

  1. Minimum for auto claiming is 1 whole unit of the token (e.g. 1 APX, 1 SCT, etc...)
  2. Claims once a day, how it works is that it loops through accounts with minimum pending token and issues claim if the last claim was more than 1 day ago.
  3. Manual claim will still be respected if the last claim was more than 1 day ago.

Tribes currently enrolled for autoclaim:

  • APX
  • MOT
  • SCT

If you are a tribe owner, let me know if you would like to be part of this.

Ideally, I would like to enable this for every tribe, as it will allow a more predictable way for the scotbot to issue tokens. Another recent improvement is the parallel issuance of tokens (multiple threads rather than one single thread). It can be further improved by batching the operations in a single broadcast, but for now this has not happened.


Thanks for improving SCOT bot.

Using this update Tribes can reap the benefits you mentioned in the post also there might be some RC saved by the issuing accounts.

But one potential drawback is in some cases users won't be able to take advantage of their earned tokens e.g. sudden price boom. The tokens are stuck for a day (max).

My suggestion would be respecting manual claim along with auto claim.

I would do it but I don't want the spammy autoclaims that some have set up. I could reduce the threshold for checking possibly.

People can relax and wait no big deal! lol no fomo here! Earnings just keep coming around at a constant rate, it all cost averages out over time anyway in the long run?? Maybe? I thought of that too though, like how I save up and claim on the spike lol!!!!! It's ok to me, i'll just plan ahead.

You constantly blow goats.

You can only manually claim once a day now?

Only if the tribe is on auto

ok lemme get one order of scot autoclaim , for, sand, ass, and infowars


I don't think theres a need to ever manually claim again in a tribe with that activated. Why bother, just wait for the coins to roll in. Or am I wrong? I don't think you can manually claim ever again! lol jk Don't you ever sleep? Are you a bot? You always answer and are always awake. Except I think u must go to bed soon. What the hell time is it over there 3 am, 5 am, is it tomorrow already? jk Do you take naps? I thought I stayed up long but apparently not nearly as much as other people.

I have a script that claims every hour if there are tokens to claim, but it is still considered a "manual" claim in terms of this post.

Wow,I thought about getting script like that, Nice!! How many scripts do you have, send me some! lol You guys have all the goodies! At least you answer, I'll give that to you. That's better than most!

It isn't public, but I am sure someone has released one.

You should get us together a trading bot and make it public to attract a lot of coder bot traders to steem-engine. Maybe there's one already out there? You could set it to buy & sell after a certain profit percent threshold is reached and stuff like that. You seem to have a knack for scripts.

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Interesting, thanks for the update @eonwarped

Wow, sick!