Steem Statusbar 0.0.2

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Just released v0.0.2 of Steem StatusBar. This version

  • adds SBD price information
  • uses @coingecko instead of CMC to fetch the prices
  • adds an 🆙 emoji if the price is up in the last 24 hours
  • adds support for custom update intervals (in seconds)

Set Custom intervalSuccess


Download it at releases page.


Dope addition to the status bar!

Pretty good @emrebeyler Keep up the good work.

chuck norris gif.gif


Looks like a great App, will definately look into this one :) thansk for the info

Nice work!

I don't have a MAC, but I'll always support Steem Devs :^)

( also shout-out to @coingecko, their API is great 💜 )

Have a !BEER for your hard work 🍻

Where does this Top 20 Witness stand on Tron possession of Steemit Inc.?

We'll survive.

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