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Back in November last year, I set up a status page for popular frontends and dApps. It's a quick way to check if something is working or not (and if it's just affecting you!). I didn't made an announcement post earlier because I was waiting to gather some data...then I totally forgot about it. The other neat thing about this page is that it tracks history of associated uptime/downtime. The event that reminded me of my status page was Steempeak acting strangely—logging me out and some pages weren't loading. This was due to the node experiencing some downtime yesterday:

I would be happy to add any other service to this public status, just leave a comment or contact me on Discord. I am also able to monitor services that send heartbeat requests (regular http calls). This is useful in scripts, apps or services that don't have a publicly accessible endpoint. Also, @cardboard and I have had a brief discussion on getting the @tipu service its own monitoring so that users are able to see if the curation bot is working ok.

Here's the link, in case you missed it:



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Awesome project! Great job man :^)

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