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RE: Support Steem.DAO: Return Proposal

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Hi, I’m @alice. My proposal Improve steem documentation is the most voted proposal, send 20 SBD to @alice.

How is "most voted" determined? Is it by number of votes or is it stake-weighted?


Stake weighted, obviously. Same as with votes for witnesses.

Makes sense.

I think your proposal is a great idea for keeping someone from getting a bunch of funding just because no one else asked for it. Are there systems in place to keep a large account from self-voting their own proposal and getting all the funding regardless of what the rest of the community says? For instance, what if Steemit or Freedom decided to self-vote their proposal?

Neither of them have majority of votes. It's up to us if we want them to do that. Voting for proposals is basically putting return proposal just below all the proposals we would like to be funded. It needs time (and engagement) to calibrate.