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RE: Support Steem.DAO: Return Proposal

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How big are these proposal windows going to be - do you know?

Thanks for taking initiative against possible bad actors on our DAO!


You can make a proposal "Midnight party" just before the midnight, vote for it immediately, and on midnight get a payout if there's enough votes.

Sounds like this will be @anomadsoul at SteemFest4 :D

Are votes just calculated once per day?


a proposal window can be as large as years, On the testnet I managed to make a proposal that stopped in 2040

And who is going to decide the length of these windows? Just curious what the 'speed' will be with which we have to vote on proposals. I'm assuming here that there will be one window, then proposals, then voting on proposals, then closing of window, then start of next window. Or will there be 'parallel'/multiple windows open at the same time instead?

There is continuous voting. If a proposal loses votes (or other competing proposals gain votes) then its funding may be cut off.