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RE: Proposal #39 - Funding On Pause

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I’ve unsupported the return proposal for the time being for what little good that does. Along with reviewing the current proposals and making changes if needed.

Projects getting funding interrupted like this is sadly something people will have to take into account. Glad to see you are taking it so well.

While people want to see the funding get used as efficiency as possible as it should be. It would be quite inefficient if a bunch of projects that were getting funded stop receiving support and they never got completed due to that. This is the high risk that is taken with such a system in place.

 last year 

To be honest, I'd really like to see every single aspect of the Steem economy somehow activated/deactivated by a proposal. Can you imagine if we had that kind of control over the platform's direction?

  • Do we want to market to these geographical regions? If so, approve Proposal X.
  • Do we want to spin up extra AWS clusters to handle seasonal load? If yes, approve Proposal Y. If not, just unapprove it and let the apps get rate limited.
  • Do we want the reward pool to be bigger? Approve Proposal Z. If not, unapprove the extra funds and let the reward pool contract.