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RE: Support Steem.DAO: Return Proposal

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Is Steemit going to add the ability to create SPS proposals to their front end from day one? Or will it be weeks before any non-techie can create a proposal?

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It seems that there's still no interface provided by Steemit, but SteemPeak team has one here:

There's also by @dmitrydao but at this moment it is still pointing at TestNet.

Thanks. This seems to be the only option to actually create a proposal at the moment.

try also this one from steemconnect. Just change the parameters in the url.

Got one for voting? I think steemconnect needs something to handle a proposal ID of 0 possibly...

Keychain also needs to update to latest steemjs before proposal voting can happen too, from what I've gathered. (And can you add it to your nice site when that happens :) )

Example call:

steem_keychain.requestBroadcast('eonwarped', [['update_proposal_votes', { voter: 'eonwarped', proposal_ids: [0], approve: true}]], 'Active', function(response) {
        console.log('main js response - broadcast');

Wait was this 3 days ago before steempeak added the proposal button? Is this not fully up yet? looks great! i almost submitted a proposal for @phonedata project just need 10 SBD :)

I hope Steempeak will be faster..

But look at this: