SteemClub-UK : updating the UK steemians list #1 - England

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Following on from my earlier post I am looking to update the UK active steemian lists and hopefully revive SteemClub-UK.

I have separated out England. For clarity I will do separate posts for Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

I have included in this updated England list people who appear to have been active in the last couple of months.

The numbers have dropped off. I am sure (I hope) there are new steemians in the UK since the December list. If you know of any please let me know.

Active Steemians in England @ 18 August 2019

London & the South East (37)

@adetorrent, @basilmarples, @bleepcoin, @breadcentric, @chris-the-batman, @cryptogee, @donatello, @dronegraphica, @earthkind, @ezzy, @gillianpearce, @hockney, @hopehuggs, @justyy, @kabir88, @lloyddavis, @maneco64, @markangeltrueman, @mentalhealthguru, @molometer, @nakedverse, @nanzo-scoop, @nickyhavey, @pjau, @rea, @redrica, @rod.crisafulli, @scalextrix, @sergiomendes, @simonjay, @slayerkm, @stav, @steevc, @stimp1024, @teodora, @ultravioletmag, @winkandwoo

The Midlands (17)

@abh12345, @article61, @atomcollector, @cryptofunk, @dickturpin, @howardblott, @knightswood, @martaesperanza, @maxrwolfe, @neopch, @opheliafu, @revisesociology, @rimicane, @shanibeer, @skaarl, @starkerz, @ura-soul

The South West (4)

@jimbobbill, @perceptualflaws, @sunsethunter, @ukbitcoinmaster

The North (23)

@anarcotech, @artonmysleeve, @ashtv, @bingbabe, @calluna, @c0ff33a, @cryptocurator, @darrenclaxton, @ebookwriter, @father2b, @gaby-crb, @goblinknackers, @lastravage, @mckeever, @mikefromtheuk, @pcste, @raj808, @slobberchops, @someguy123, @stephenkendal, @stevenwood, @teamhumble, @vibeof100monkeys

For reference, this is the previous list from 1 December 2018.

If you know of anyone in England who is still active but I have missed in the list above let me know.

Steemians in the UK - currently 152 + 7 ex-pats

London & the South East (50)

@adetorrent, @allasyummyfood, @andabout, @atomcollector, @basilmarples, @blackrussian, @bleepcoin, @breadcentric, @buttpacker, @charitycurator, @cryptogee, @davewuk, @donatello, @donnadavisart, @earthkind, @eternalsuccess, @ezzy, @gillianpearce, @hockney, @hopehuggs, @jameshsmitharts, @justyy, @kabir88, @lloyddavis, @lolzwithlisa, @maneco64, @marczanto, @markangeltrueman, @molometer, @nakedverse, @nanzo-scoop, @nickyhavey, @pjau, @rea, @redrica, @robintherunner, @rod.crisafulli, @scalextrix, @sergiomendes, @shazza, @simonjay, @slayerkm, @stav, @steevc, @stimp1024, @susanlo, @teodora, @ultravioletmag, @winkandwoo, @zool237

The Midlands (24)

@article61, @atomcollector, @conformity, @cryptofunk, @cryptothoughts, @dickturpin, @dobsdies, @gmuxx, @honeybee11, @howardblott, @ictman1076, @kryptoe, @martaesperanza,, @neopch, @opheliafu, @race-redmedia, @revisesociology, @rimicane, @shanibeer, @silverfoxx, @skaarl, @starkerz, @ura-soul

Wales & the South West (24)

@abergurl, @cryptocariad, @elizabethharvey. @eveningart, @francesleader, @happysmileyman, @jen0revision, @jimbobbill, @louisthomas, @owenwat, @p-props, @pennsif, @perceptualflaws, @pumpkinsandcats, @stevejhuggett, @stevelivingston, @sunsethunter, @theadmiral0, @theturtleproject, @timothyallen, @tinygalaxy, @ukbitcoinmaster, @wales, @welshstacker

The North (29)

@anarcotech, @artonmysleeve, @ashtv, @beautifulbullies, @bingbabe, @calluna, @c0ff33a, @cryptocurator, @darrenclaxton, @digitaldan, @ebookwriter, @father2b, @gaby-crb, @gdwcoins, @geordieprepper, @mckeever, @mikefromtheuk, @pcste, @raj808, @russellbury, @slobberchops, @someguy123, @steemonkey, @stephenkendal, @stevenwood, @teamhumble, @techmojo, @vibeof100monkeys, @yawnguy

Scotland (9)

@barge, @camuel, @fiftysixnorth, @johnkingwriter, @meesterboom, @natubat, @screwballpsyche, @tom-orrow, @wisbeech

Northern Ireland (2)

@davidmcmillen, @silverstackeruk

Somewhere in the UK... (14)

@britcoin, @johnhiggins, @jonathanyoung, @lastravage, @monkazzsa, @mynewlife, @preppervetuk, @raymondspeaks, @sazzler, @supertraff, @surviveuk, @tremendospercy, @ukprepper, @voxxov

Expats (7)

@abh12345 (Spain), @alexabsolute (China), @crazybgadventure (Bulgaria), @cryptoandcoffee (South Africa), @livinguktaiwan (Taiwan), @minismallholding (Australia), @seanreilly (Russia)

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we are building slowly so more meets to come I feel. Hello UK Steem 💯🐒

Any scope for getting a meetup going up round your way Vibe ?

Would love to! @redrica is keen to come up north and join in one. I am happy too but cant' arrange on my tod very busy at mo but is anyone is willing to join in i'll assist 💯🐒

The North is a big place though, wherever we have it someone could be traveling for hours lol. It’s ok for them in that London village, they all live next door to each other 😉

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Good point maybe we need a few in smaller localities? 💯🐒

Maybe you can connect with a few UK steemians in your part of the north? You are north-west-ish aren't you?

I will give a got yes. I know there are a few. I'm north west but near the Yorkshire boarder (Clitheroe ) 💯🐒

Great to see lots of uk 🇬🇧 steem users and hopefully we can all come together as a community and hopefully new users from the 🇬🇧 come through too 😃 thanks for including me in the list

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Hopefully we can grow the numbers in the UK again. Topping 100 again would be the first target.

Hi @pennsif, there's also @knightswood and @maxrwolfe (hasn't started posting yet) in the Midlands.

Hi @shanibeer. Thanks for the two new people - now added to the list.

Are they people round your way that you have brought to Steem?

I guess :)

I am down for this! :) any time, any place, if there are steemians, ill do my best to be there!

Good stuff Matt, thank you.

Hello! I'm British based in East Anglia!

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Hi @dronegraphica - you are now on the list.

Good morning steem uk!!

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Greetings @article61. Hope you are keeping well.

Hi, buddy. Yes, I'm doing well and very busy, would love to be as active on here as I used to be. Still, I'm keeping my toes in the water and will be keeping an eye on your projects concerning UK steem. Hope you're ok

Just the calm before the British storm methinks 🙂

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We do get plenty of storms in Britain, so looking good...

Every cloud... Har har har 😁

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Good morning UK. Can I be part?

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Are you based in the UK?

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