Best of British - five posts of the day from UK Steemians @ 31 August 2019

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Another month ends, summer is almost over.

But don't be gloomy. Tomorrow with the new month starting this daily curation is going to move up a gear.

The Best of British becomes the The Brits League. With cash prizes!

Stay tuned for more information, and keep hitting that post button.

In the meantime here is 'Best of British' #6 from the past 24 hours.

Food & Drink

I've not come across sour beers before, so thank you@meesterboom, I might just try one...

History & Places

These 'Urbex' posts from @slobberchops are always a fascinating read...

Music & Art

Lovely to see the inspiration and origination of this beautiful drawing from @opheliafu...

Music & Art

An exquisitely chillful piece of music from @nickyhavey to celebrate achieving dolphinhood today...


There used to be kingfishers on the watercress beds opposite where I lived when I was a boy. Such elegant birds, and such elegant photographs of them from @markangeltrueman...


@adetorrent has just received his new Wirex card. There seems to be mixed sentiments in the comments about Wirex. @steevc and @slobberchops have used the Wirex crypto-connected card successfully, but @molometer has had big problems.

Anyone else in the UK had any experiences with Wirex?


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My Wirex has mostly worked okay. I had a Bitwalla card before until they ran into issues. I mostly use mine to buy crypto, but may spend some again should the Steem price really go up.

Is it worth mentioning the Brits Discord channel on these posts. It would be great to get more people active on there.

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A British tribe maybe :)

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Thanks a lot for the feature here!

I tried wirex and it never worked for me. No retailer ever accepted it and couldn't buy anything so I ditched it. Revolut on the other hand worked a treat and is great for travelling, no fees, decent exchange rates, great app and simple to use, like a Mastercard really, but better

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