Best of British - five posts of the day from UK Steemians @ 29 August 2019

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Hardfork 21 was just a quickie, and now Hardfork 22 has happily taken its place.

Meanwhile in London @steevc and a group of other South East-ish steemians are enjoying another great meetup organised by @redrica. One day I hope I can make the 500 mile round trip to get to these meetups. Roll on teleportation!

Before we jump on to today's posts of the day do join me in saying Happy Third Steem Birthday to @lloyddavis - I do hope I get to meet you at a SteemCampUK soon...

And now here is 'Best of British' #4 from the past 24 hours.

Eating Out

@slobberchops uncovers a hidden gem in Rochdale in another of his tasty @tasteem reviews...


London steemians @rea and @ezzy live just down the road so they really couldn't miss Notting Hill Carnival in the sunshine...

Life & Work

Alongside his day job @fiftysixnorth does photography as a side hustle...

Do check out his excellent photosgraphs for sale on the Fine Art America site...

Music & Art

Drum and bass producer @nickyhavey overloads with hardfork memes with this snappy little number...

News & Journalism

UK witness @ura-soul is hitting the right spot as a citizen journalist on the @threespeak platform...


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Thanks for sharing some of these little gems. It's ways nice when posts I miss get suggested to me. Definitely be reading through these.

Glad you find the posts useful. I hope it will encourage more posting from UK Steemians.

I am looking forward to hearing all about the meet up in London village! Thanks for sharing my forked post!

Wow, hf21 is done and dusted. See, it wasn't as bad as people thought 😀

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Why have one hardfork in a week, when you can have two ...

Can't wait for HF 50 at the end of September 😁