Best of British Curation Project - five posts of the day from UK Steemians @ 28 August 2019

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Hardfork 21 is with us, but soon Parliament won't be.

I haven't had any 'Politics' posts pop up in the Best of British so far, but maybe now there will be a few interesting things to write about...

In the meantime if you fancy a bit of real life steem time @redrica has organised a meetup in London tomorrow. If you can get along, do...

Each of the five posts below will receive a 100% upvote from the @steemclub-uk account - currently at 5K SP but scheduled to rise to 10K over the next couple of weeks.

If anyone else would like to support this project by delegating to the @steemclub-uk account that would be great. Delegators will receive autovotes from the account too.

Here's 'Best of British' #3 from the past 24 hours.

Education & Learning

I had not heard of the Pomodoro Technique, thanks for introducing me to it @stav...

Finance & Crypto

If you are wondering about getting into gold, @maneco64 gives a good intro on Sovereigns...

Hobbies & Collectibles

Scalextric for 50p - that is an absolute bargain there @artonmysleeve...

Music & Art

That is a funky little number @skaarl...


This is one sharp photo @sergiomendes...


  1. The categories are not fixed and will likely change from day to day.

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Just tagging all active UK steemians this third time to let them know about this new curation project...
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Nice to see my name there

Thanks for including my track on here, great to have a project for UK based steemians on here 😃