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RE: How can we expand SteemClub-UK to grow numbers and improve retention?

in #steemclub-uk2 years ago

I like the idea of a buddy system to help keep people on board as they get their head around things. It is a huge place and even 18 months on the platform, I feel overwhelmed sometimes by what goes on here!

Inviting new users in to the discord would be a great start point. Perhaps incentivise with steem basic income to keep them posting?

But a marketing video will need to explain why should people be coming to steem? I have a few UK members in the EMA Discord (Electronic Music Alliance) that I converted over after being spread every where and too thin so am mentoring them and will invite in to the steem club UK Discord

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Inviting them to the Discord would be a good starting point.

Are any of them posting on steem yet? Should I add any of them to the UK Steemians list?

It looks like you have most of them on the list already but might not be in the Discord

@atomcollector, @skaarl, @theturtleproject. @digitaltraffic (Scotland I think?) @tripmusic (may have given up on crypto) @winkandwoo @dnpq ...

Thanks for these. I have added @dnpq. Is @digitaltraffic still active?

Not sure about active on steem but is on twitter so could reach out but these guys are in @emalliance and they are focusing on steem for music now

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