When you Solve your first Satoshi's Treasure Key

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Yep, you guessed it from the title, I just solved my first Satoshi's treasure key

The newest clue bummed me out at first.  Damn Dlive.  I didn’t move with them when they left steem so as of this morning I didn’t even have an account.  But I had to swallow my pride and sign up if I wanted to get any of these key.


First, from an avatar we had to find the streamer on Dlive : Agent 5


And then watch the streams.

During the stream from agent 5, a QR code was given and during the stream, for only a moment some blurry text scrolled across the screen.  It's hard to see right?


Some dude got this

But it was only part of the key.  Such a pity.

So when I got the whole key


I had to just check with the rest of the team


YEPPPPEEEEEEEEE I finally got my first Satoshi's Treasure Key.  Okay so its only 1 from a possible 1000 and the first team to find 400 win.  But it brings us 1 key closer to bringing home over 2m$ worth of Bitcoin to steem.  I have watched loads of others bring home keys and was yet to get one myself.  Finally.  Now I am driven to find more.

Slap a vote on it and we could win another key

You can also help us win a key with a vote.  Yep that right, just a single click of the mouse.  There is a key we can win just by making donations to charity.  the clan with the largest donation wins.  I hope you will consider slapping a vote on this post and help us claim this key https://steemit.com/en/@steemclan/phb465auo .  Don't delay and dont be shy,  head over now and give this post a vote.  I know I can count on YOU!!!

@steemclan is Recruiting

We are working on bringing home a prize fund at current values, worth over $2m US.  We have an awesome clan of people, some with special skills, some willing to help with hunts on the ground, some that like to solve puzzles and some that like to have fun.  There are 5 more keys to be found by watching stream.  If you want to join @steemclan and help hunt for satoshi's treasure join our discord today https://discord.gg/GVNFPz

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oh yeah congrats @paulag!!! So proud of you. Also great gif haha.


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hehehehhe so proud of myself

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Congratulations! Also, I just joined the discord server. Are there really no available channels? Or maybe it's just my internet connection?

Ask an admin to verify your Steem identity.

Noted. Already collaborating with Paula.

hi @eastmael, good yo hear from you. what's your discord name? you can not see channels until we verify you as a steem user, your discord name must be different!

Hi Paula, this is my discord account :


Great work, agent @paulag. You’re a bonafide hunter now.

Oh I love being called agent :-)

Amazing work @paulag, makes me feel bad for slacking. Will try to make some time this week to get active in the group again and see how I can help out

no worries, with the way we have it tokenized, we can all just help when we are free. I understand busy, I was very busy the weeks before and didnt help much.

  ·  last year (edited)

Fantastic work! This is one Steem owner that is tickled to death! I look forward to reading more posts about the efforts of fellow Steemitizens working to grab the prize and all the attention Steem will receive!

I would not worry so much about DLive though. There is a great deal of blockchain cooperation going on! Not just with Steem and DTube but, on other blockchains.

Here is a token of my appreciation for your hard work and devotion to the cause that is #newsteem!



Hi paulag the SHADE tokens are on the way.
Thanks for sharing SHADE
To view or Trade SHADE visit steem-engine.com