Steemclan Discord: What you may need to know

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Steemclan is participating in an international treasure hunt for $1 million dollars!

Any steemian with 40 rep or higher is welcome on our team.
Join our Discord here.

When joining the discord server, you will be put in the waiting room and asked for your steem name. You may also provide any random tidbit of info that may tell us know you are truly a steemian. Like who referred you or what your favorite flavor of pudding is.

We have to do this mainly because people from other teams are trying to send spys in to gather intel on our operations.

Right now, @steemclan is doing well as in first place well. But this is a long competition and we need more steemians who are coders and math heads as well as steemians who live all over the world.... That means all of you.

Once you have been approved in discord, Read the pinned messages in the welcome channel. The rest is up to you.

The green and white check mark on a key channel means that we have solved that key..The red X on the clan key means it was a one team only win....and we were so close...but we did not get that one. :(

Other than that, read up on the open keys to be solved and join steemclan on the hunt for Satoshi's Treasure!


We are using a @steemengine token called the SST to reward players for their contributions in helping to solve puzzles. Once steemclan win this, the million will be put into the tokens for distribution.

I hope this helps to understand what the steemclan team is about. If you have further questions, comment below or join that discord!

Thanks for reading and as always...

Keep Being Cool SteemClan!!


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I hate you so much rght now

If we were in a higher league... you would have one. :P