Satoshis Treasure Steem Clan : The-Philanthropic-keys. Realising the Power of the Steem Blockchain By Giving to Charity.

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After the successful retrieval of the Nirvana Key in India thanks to @littlescribe the next key on the list was the Philanthropic keys. I have to admit I did not like this one at first . We have to raise money for a charity of our choice. The most money raised wins a key. There are 4 range of dates to raise the money which means 4 unique keys. Now I hate asking for money and I don't expect anyone to put their hand in their pocket for anything. People in our clan are from all parts of the globe so 10 dollars for me might be spare change. It may feed a family for a week in other countries where we have members. So we kind of left this key on the long finger for a day or two while focusing on other keys.
The Clan key was the key that kick started our Steem Clan campaign really. If only we could get the community involved again to do something so the world can realize the value and help the likes of @nathanmars bring mass adoption to the platform.
And then it hit me. The answer was in plain sight all along. Steem is perfect for this key. If we write one post and ask the entire community for an upvote. Just one upvote on a post explaining what we are doing. When the post pays out next week. We transfer the steem to binance and put it in a charity of our choice.
This way no-one puts their hands on their pockets. The community doesn't have to make any wiggles or waves this time. You just have to hit the upvote button which will be replenished again in a coupe of hours. It is as simple as that.


The result is:

*** a charity benefits which could save lifes
*** steem clan gets 4 x unique keys to bring 1 million to the platform
*** The world takes notice about the power of the blockchain being used to support good causes.

It is as simple as that. Just upvote.

The post is currently at $38 at time of writing but we know it can do better than that. We need to be achieving around 200$ for this post and we want to achieve it without paying for bots etc.
Here is the post by the way. Please upvote or/and resteem this link.

Many people do not give to charity because they do not have the funds. With steem our funds grow back so there are really no excuses on this one.

Upvote resteem and Give to Charity

And that will be your good deed done for the day!

Note :

Any steem dollars earned from this post will go into the charity pot also.


I read about this treasure hunt some place. Didn't know steem had a clan working on it. That is so call. I will definitely upvote and Resteem. charity is never a bad cause.

Thanks a million @warpedpoetic . I see you are in our discord. It may be a bit daunting initially

Good luck, even if the team does not win several someones organizations will. Really a good use of a vote as there are no losers in this sort of vote and charity drive.

Its a win win really. A great way to raise money for good causes.

Fingers crossed! Upvotes from me!

Melinda me aul flower. Thanks very much . Tell your mates

Hey, Luv! I resteemed it and hope that gets it seen by people who might not have seen it otherwise!

Had no bloody idea and just voted it as well. These guys running this hunt are making everyone jump through loops and I think this is unfair as it is not key solving.

The next key you will be interested in. Its called How on earth did you manage to get hacked on Binance Key 😂

That was easy as they took it and I just watched them and there was nothing I could do. Still like to know myself how they piggy backed into my computer and helped themselves. Shitty but I can smile about it now.

shots fired!
Can I get you some gauze for that burn?

If I could, I'd give you 239 upvotes. But not one more!

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