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Praying for the life of each of you, who are part of this great family @steemchurch, hoping everyone is having a merry Christmas with their loved ones.

Starting from the premise that we do not belong to any religious group, but in the love given by Jesus for each one of us, today we celebrate this date in commemoration of the one who gave us everything.

I have heard many religious speak that Jesus was not born on this date, that Christmas is pagan, they remind me of the ancient Pharisees, gentlemen, the word says that everything that has a good name comes from God, everything good, fair and kind, every opportunity we have to exalt the name of King "Jesus" is pleasant before his eyes. The word Christmas means birth and we are celebrating the birth of the son of man, of the messiah, so that we enjoy and make mercy, practice love and show the savior.


Each country has its traditions and customs, always when this time comes we ask ourselves what things we need to celebrate this date, for example in Venezuela I can not miss the "hallacas" ham bread and chicken salad, with the famous Christmas cake, in Italy must have pasta, fish and sweets like Struffoli, in short, each of us has our own idea of Christmas.

The truth is that Christmas is not a custom or a story, it is a true story that happened in Belen more than 2000 thousand years ago and we all have to be aware of it.

What can never be missing in our Christmas celebration is to give honor and glory to the protagonist of everything "Jesus" far beyond sweets, parties, and share, let's not forget that the redeemer, the savior of the world, the only intercessor between God and men Let's be that light that illuminates the lives of others, go and make those disciples that he left us in charge. Jesus came to us as a child and grew up to give us the example of how to live in this world with justice, mercy and love.

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Let's not lose the essence as Christians ever, let's use all the tools and resources to expand the kingdom of God, but what does this kingdom consist of?

In love, share the bread with the hungry, do justice and practice mercy. A few days ago I read that someone said that he did not want to relate his work to churches, religion, well said religion kills, plunges people into legalism, but Jesus came to give life and life in abundance.

Never be ashamed to say that you are a follower of Christ, love it without me...

Thanks to God for sending his son to die for us, invite Jesus to his table and his family's table, this is the true meaning of Christmas.

Turn on your light, let it shine, the light of Jesus everywhere!

And if your life has not gone well so far, this is a good time to take a vow with God, to tell him that you will serve him with your life, with your time, this year 2020 will be the year of divine fulfillment, year of doors Open to everyone who believes.

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Reference: FAO

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Thank you Apostle Darlenys for this message, that we can all see Jesus face to face this Christmas.


Merry Christmas SteemChurch.

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Dear Darlenys. A very beautiful musical gift for our #steemchurch community. Thank you so much for sharing it.

A very nice piece mother Apostle Darlenys.
Merry Christmas.

Merry Xmas too

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Merry Christmas @steemchurch & to everybody around! Be blessed through this occasion & beyond. Thank you!

Merry Christmas!
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And a happy New Year!

Merry Christmas SteemChurch and Ap.Darlenys