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Nothing enthrones as much as the counsel of the Lord. If your ears are opened to the counsel of God for your life; you will not miss your throne. When men refuse to wait for the counsel of the Lord, they tarry along in the wilderness of despair. Waiting for His counsel stems from the understanding that “It is He that made us, and not we ourselves; we are His people, and the sheep of His pasture”. Psalm 100:3.

God has not made you for the fun of it. He made you for a specific purpose. You will never be able to find life fulfilling until you are able to locate His purpose for your life. Whatever it is God will have you do, there is a way that is divinely earmarked for it to be done. If you fail to get His pattern for doing it, no matter how you go about it, you will never be able to get His pass mark and your efforts in life will be seen as worthless.

You need His counsel; you cannot afford to go on your own. David and his men returned to his camp in Ziklag and discovered that their camp had been plundered and burnt to ashes and their wives and children taken as hostages. David didn’t seek to do the obvious; rather, he sought to know what the Lord would have him do. He received the counsel of the Lord, he applied himself accordingly and he recovered all. No matter what you seem to have lost in life, total recovery is possible; but you will have to learn to wait for God's counsel.


The counsel of God is something you will have to learn diligently to wait for; because, it may not come at the time you want it. God is God and He makes everything beautiful in His own time. When His counsel becomes your guide, His power will be there as your guard.

You cannot fail with God’s counsel; because, God’s counsel is not simply something earmarked to work, it is something that has already worked. By the time you are receiving His counsel, it is something He has already done; because He seeth the end from the beginning.

God does not begin to finish, He finishes to begin. With every divine counsel, all you need is grace to be led in the path of righteousness, which is the path of God’s finished work. This is what incapacitates the devil; because, he cannot alter what God has already finished.


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