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Looking inwards to ascertain the correctness of your walk with God in any realm, turns out to be the bench mark of fulfilling joy and a springboard for laudable victories and testimonies of life.

Getting to know how well you are doing in your walk with God is a good check. The Word of God and His instruction for our lives remains the standard to check on. The Bible warns for us not to be wise in our own eyes.

The yardstick for measuring true wisdom has to do with the provisions and allowances of God’s Word. How can you cope within the allowances of God’s Word for your life, determines your progress in life. When you live in His world outside the allowances of His Word for your life; you will have trouble with God and an eternity of regret in view.

When you complain of stagnancy in life; it is not enough to blame it on the devil or on the lack of opportunities, check up on the fulfillment of your obedience. Find out if there is a pending hurdle which you need to cross in obedience. Until your obedience towards God is complete, you are not likely going to be able to get to the next level with God. A check on your obedience turns out to be “a check up that puts you up”.

With Lot in Abraham’s entourage, there was a limit to the progress Abraham could make. When God told Abraham to get out of his homeland; He told him to leave his people, his kindred to a land that He was going to show him. Abraham obeyed, but his obedience was not complete. He left with Lot his nephew, who was not supposed to be part of the mission. Immediately after Lot separated from Abraham; God told him –
“look from the place where thou art… all the land which thou seest, to thee I will give it and to thy seed forever”. Genesis 13:14-15.

He couldn’t see all these, as long as Lot was with him. A check on your obedience may simply be what you need to take you there, Check up!


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