Look For The Invisible Realms

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Hello beloved in Steem, much greetings to you. We know that things that are seen are closer to us us and easily to get without passing through any pain or troubles. But what about things that are not seen? We always look for things that are temporal and will give us happiness without considering things that are long lasting, things that are precious but before acquiring them is difficult to get.

Beloved, there is an invisible realm or place which which have been stocked with so many good things for our souls, and that what we have to look for. Almighty God has hidden it from our vision in order to to see the level of our grow to faith and how we will worship.


2 Corinthians 4:18(NIV)

"So we fix our eyes not on what is seen, but on what is unseen, since what is seen is temporary, but what is unseen is eternal."

This World will pass away according the Scriptures, it means things that are found here and seen our temporally made for our use, and a time will come that all would be eradicated in the face of God; buildings, cars, money, lands and so many items that we have fixed our faith in them would come to nothing. But the word of God and the Heaven that had not yet seen will be a place we have to search for, using our mind, strength and all our whole being to look for this invisible place and eternal home.

That is also how our lives had made to be; there are certain things we need to search; they are invisible. Who knows how his life is gonna be in some years to come, Whether good or bad? Unless the person looks for it, it is not visible, but it could be visible to get the brightest part of life if you toil for it. No one knows how Steem Blockchain is going to be in the next Ten years to come; we only predict or guess what we think it could become in future. Our prediction or guessing may come true if we really mean it to be. It depends on how willing, serious, determined and passionate we have for Steem.

So with the invisible to be visualized, one needs to have faith and work harder. It is like searching for the precious which has been embedded in the soil, it is not easily seen, the soil is dug to many miles before you get. Even through the soil, at times you cannot see it, unless they are attracted with the element mercury. Our invisible realm is not easily seen, but when we fight the good fight, we continually push forward we are able to expose what is hidden and made life meaningful.

Many of us are not struggling to visionalise their unseen World, that is why we are suffering, we much reckon God had put before us. Everything in this World are there for us, because of us that God made them. God knows that if He had made them very cheap for you to get them, you would cease to work or forge ahead in life. So He has to hide some or them for us work and seek for them. Though some of these things are far fetched, but they are closer if we engineer little effort to search for them. In everything that we do, God is our defense and refuge to guide and protect us. Let's try to look for our invisible realm and claim our precious things God have unveil them. We must unveil those things. In Steen Block here, we have many things to be revealed to set freedom for many people, let's move forward and receive them, we can since we are communities, blogs and tribes. Thank you Steemians! And may your hustle receive the attention of God Almighty

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A well motivated message,but with God with us and by our side we see things no ordinary man can see.