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Today we will talk a little about the enemy's mental attacks:

1.-The attack of fear.
2.-The attack of the desires of the flesh
3.-The dart of sudden anger
4.-The mental pressure of oppression
5.-The condemnation of sin

These are some of the mental areas where the enemy works to blur us, life is only a moment and God will one day ask us what you did with the life I gave you?

We want to reflect on this issue of the attacks of the mind, presenting our body in living sacrifice before God, but transform ourselves through knowledge.

Remember that it is through thought and the mind is the only way the enemy has to attack us, it is a strength or a weakness. If in our mind there is fear the enemy will find a fertile path to destroy our life, we must close every door.

Paul left us some advice that we should think of all that is good, fair, kind if there is virtue in it, in this think.It is time to free the mind of a thought of destruction defeat. we have to get up and cast out all mental strength.

Recall that the enemy came to kill, steal and destroy, we have to protect the mind, because if the head is sick the rest must also wear the helmet, the helmet of salvation.

Close the door to mental attacks, with faith in Christ, either, or believe...