Shun evil friendship

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Greetings to all parishioners and to all telosians.

Peace be with you all.

We in a world where people get easily influenced by friends, most of died glory are caused by friend. The people we mingle with really matters a lot because the bible say iron sharpen iron.

As a christian, we must always move with people that believe in God and even though if we want to have something to do with ungodly person it must be to show them the way of the lord and save their soul.

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In dying testimony of save and unsaved, Solomon Benjamin Shaw narrated the testimony of a godly couple who imbibed dreadful principle from a non-believing roommate at college. As a result, john hardened his heart toward embracing Christianity. He referred to the Bible as compiled mess of trash imposed on the public.

I would rather go to hell than bow to that imposter (Jesus Christ) and be dependent on his merits for salvation." On his death bed, following an accident, john cried focusing his eyes on his roommate, "you have brought me to this, and you have damned my soul! May the curse of the almighty and the lamb rest upon your soul forever. " john died without Christ. Our text sternly warns, "...learn not the way of the heathen".

Let me ask you : who is your friend? Some youth have become atheists through the influence of ungodly friends. Shun evil friendship; submit to God and fellowship with God's children. Surely, heaven will be your reward.

If you want your faith in GOD to remain hot and wax stronger, surround yourself with people who wants to grow in the faith and not lukewarms!

Thanks for your time.

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Awesome, the scriptures rightly said "bad associations spoils useful habits". It is important we choose our friends wisely because friends can either make us or mar us.