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Save the Date: Saturday 25 April 2020 - Leicester

We need your help - please see below

Daniel Lambert's Trousers, from the collection in Newarke Houses Museum about the legendary 18th Century son of Leicester who weighed 739 pounds.

On my way to the planning meeting about SteemCampUK, I popped into Newarke Houses Museum, which is right next door to the University.

Source Newarke Houses Museum dates back nearly six hundred years and is made up of two original Grade Two listed buildings: Wigston's Chantry House and Skeffington House.

Source 17th Century panelled room, ground floor.

There are several period room 'settings' depicting life at various times in the city's history ... [and] room settings depict the 1950s and the 1970s. There is a vivid recreation of a WWI trench and a wonderful 1950s street scene. The street scene was inspired by Wharf Street and includes a pawnbroker's shop, a grocers, and a public house. (Britain Express)

Source The Museum houses the records of the Royal Leicestershire Regiment including displays of the recreation of the WW1 trench at Ypres, Belgium.

We Need Your Help

Planning for SteemCampUK is going well. The venue and hospitality will be funded by the University. There will be a slightly more academic session on the Friday afternoon, which will be open to the public (and Steemians).

Request one: can you give any suggestions for a theme for the Friday afternoon session.

The event has to be billed as about blockchains generally, rather than Steem, as the University has to avoid promoting a specific blockchain. However, Steem can be used as the example or case study.

The Saturday is then available for SteemCampUK to organise as it wishes - I'm assuming it will be open to people who are not on Steem yet. The University has offered to do a one hour session at 11am which will provide a more structured introduction to blockchain technology. Steemians are welcome to participate or to have other discussions going on at the same time.

Request number two: a (catchy) title for the introduction session ...

something other than Scam, Crime and Do Your Eyes Glaze Over? which seem to be common responses to any attempt to open a conversation about blockchain technologies.

Please give your suggestions for themes and titles below.

Fat votes offered for good suggestions.

And finally ...

Source One of the University staff involved in the discussions is Dr Xu Huang, one of the authors of Fusing Big Data, Blockchain and Cryptocurrency. I would have bought it, but it costs £44.99.

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a theme for the Friday afternoon session

As a starting point for discussion . . . how about something outlining the benefits of using blockchain apps versus "normal" apps

Facebook v. Steemit
DTube v. YouTube
Appics v. Instagram
Splinterlands v. Hearth Stone

Any maybe chuck in some other ones that are good (are there any) from other blockchains - banking ones or something with a more "serious" note

Although rereading your post I this is probably not the more "slightly acadmic" you were after. I was thinking more "general public" 😁

Have a fat vote 😍
Thinking about the general public is a good idea, I'm hoping people from the councils will come, so something not academically heavy will be good.
Thank you for thinking about it 😊

Wow. That is a fat vote. Thanks a bunch!
I'm still hoping to come.
John has a cycling sportif on the Sunday so am negotiating celebrating his birthday on a different weekend. 😂

Good plan!

What about - 'Why fusing big data, blockchain technology and cryptocurrency will mean you'll never have to pay £44.99 for a book ever again'.

@tipu curate

Upvoted 👌 (Mana: 0/3 - need recharge?)

😂 that's one of the problems with academic books, they only print six and all the overheads have to be shared between. I'll try borrowing it through the University library. There is a kindle version ... at £36!

I think it has got to be something like that - definitely with a hook as to how it might address current challenges. I've been turning over variations of Lost your central(ised) government funding? Try decentralised blockchain abundance only it sounds like an advert for Daz.

I was wondering if you would like to speak about some of the eco stuff you're thinking about? I think that might appeal to some people - we have lots of greens and vegans.

I'll have a think about better titles, that's about 50% of the way there, and the eco-thing too - I need to know more about myself first, and how blockchain fits in with it!

P.S. any chance you can vote for this if you haven't already done so, it's one the verge of being promoted...

Sure - I'll have a look this afternoon. Thanks for bringing it to my attention.

"Take a trip around the Block and check out the neighborhood"
Blockchains are a new part of the internet neighborhood so introducing them as a new aspect might work.

"Building Blocks to build a Secure Web"
"Blocks as archives- how the success of a blockchain preserves its data for future reference"

Just some ideas...

Some good ideas there. I'm going to visit two progressive community groups so I could test some of these ideas with them. Thank you for the suggestions.
Does it relate to any of the work you do?

Not related to work, just ideas I've used to describe the concept.


@gillianpearce has a good idea. Some general discussion on what different possibilities blockchain and cryptocurrencies open up would be good.

I currently plan to be there on the Friday too. I might have stayed with my daughter, but she will not be there and so I'll look for a cheap hotel. I will look at doing the Victoria Park parkrun on the Saturday. Maybe we can get a few Steemians running. Would be cool if we have shirts advertising it.

These are some good ideas for me to take back, thank you.

There are a couple of hotels off London Road, near Victoria Park, two I've stayed in: one was okay, the other is dire! I'll try and check later in the week and see which is which. There is a good bus service which would take you closer to the city centre and a shorter walk to the University.
My vote isn't so fat this morning, I'll need to pace myself 😂

It would be good to get some tips on the hotels. I just need a decent bed and a good breakfast. I've stayed in a lot of the chains and they are so bland.

Have a !BEER because I forgot to give you one on my main comment, lol.

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Let me know if you settle on a cheap hotel @steevc. I'm not sure I'm going yet but it's a possibility.

Will do. I saw some near Victoria Park which would be handy for the run if a little walk from the camp venue.

Title suggestion:
Blockchain Is Like The Internet In 1996: right now it seems niche, but in time it will be embedded in everything :)

That's very neat :)
My fat votes are getting a little skinny, I've been over to needleworkmonday behaving like there's no tomorrow 😂
I'm so pleased I've got a bunch of ideas to take back to the University.
Thanks for the beer ... I don't know how that works now, have I got enough? !BEER

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Impressive person the guy who wear those trousers LOL

Haha, true!

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