Thursday is Butterfly Day and Insect Day Giveaway- Week 37

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Beautiful little butterfly


Today I want to show you a butterfly.
Small and beautiful.
Her beauty inspired me so I wrote some lines, I share them:

Beautiful little butterfly, perched on a dandelion, you show your beauty, dressed in your points full of grace and love.

Your fragile antennas tell you that here I am taking a photo to capture all your beauty and splendor, little butterfly full of points like sun dots.

Thank you for reading and blessings to all.

This is my entry to the contest by @whatisnew. If you would like to participate visit this Link

Picture with a Blu Vivo One Plus. Camera f/2.0 1/100 3.79mm ISO200. Edited with Canva.

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Simply beautiful friend!

Thanks dear 🤗



I can see why this beautiful little butterfly inspired you to write. I enjoyed your photo and writing. Thanks for using #butterflyday and #insectpub tags @slwzl! : )

Thank you for appreciating my post.

Hermosa entrada a este concurso, amiga mía. Felicidades.

Gracias amiga bella. Feliz noche

La naturaleza siempre es generosa con sus regalos, tu bella mariposa es una de ellas. Gracias por compartir, mi bella amiga, te quiero inmenso, @slwzl. Un abrazo de vuelta y mi apoyo en el #toptres.

Gracias a ti y a toda la familia @topfivefamily

Muy pequeñita pero linda. 😊

Gracias :) también me parece linda.

Una belleza en blanco y negro @slwzl. Un abrazo y mi apoyo en el #toptres del día de hoy.

Gracias a ti querida amiga, y a toda la familia @topfivefamily
Un abrazo