Contest: 15 SBi Shares for the Winners + 1 Month Exposure!

Hello Hello Steem Universe! Get ready for this month's CONTEST!!!


Yes yes, it's that time again! I'm looking for the very best of your quotes... As promised in this post, I am making this contest happen once a month!

This is a call to create as genuine and as best content as we can. A call to keep creating, to keep following your passion and to be successful!

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What about the contest than?

Being that this is now a monthly contest, I will have to give away a little less Steem in form of SBI (Steem Basic Income) than in previous contests but still 3 awesome creators will share the bounty! I hope to eventually make the pool much larger... Only the furure will tell... sustainability anyone?

But for now, it will give everyone a chance to win more every month anyways... once this contest becomes sustainable I'll up the winnings for sure 😀!

Steem Basic Income, an amazing tool and experiment:

Steem Basic Income is a social experiment to bring a basic income to as many Steemians as possible. Members join by sponsoring others into the program. Steem Basic Income is delivered through providing regular upvotes to member content. source

For a lot more info on the subject, follow @Steembasicincome

The Contest is simple:

Tell the world your quote, an original quote and I will pick my three favorite ones.

All three winners will receive SBI, it may be equal or I may decide to give a little more to my favorite quote... But only one will be featured in every single posts I write on my personal page (@SenorCoconut) for the whole month!

  • Bonus: Not only will you have some new #steembasicincome to enjoy, your steemit blog will be promoted for a whole month as your quote will be featured on everyone of my posts!

Here's a couple from last month's winners:

When you think of yourself as just a small part of the vast universe, you go beyond the notion of the limited personality and begin to see the vastness you are.

Don't try to force open a door that has outlived its relevance. Seasons end, so usher in the new. Relationship expires, so go to where you are celebrated and not tolerated. That last chapter was over for a reason, move on.

Thank you for playing!!!!

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The Rules:

  1. Your quote must be just one or two short phrases and original... I will check as much as I can.

  2. Write your quote in the comments section below, so that I can see it.

  3. Have fun.

  4. You have until the last day of the month to send your quote.

  5. Re-steems and follows are not required. You don't have to write a post about the contest but all that would help with exposure.

By entering this contest you automatically consent to your quote and steemit handle to be published here: @senorcoconut for the duration of one month.

I am looking for kind hearted quotes, extra bonus points for quotes that have to do with keeping our world alive, happy and free 😁!

Good Luck and Have FUN!!!!

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QUOTE OF THE MONTH: @artemislives

If you're not riding the @ecotrain, you gotta wonder where you're actually going!

(If you want your quote featured here, lookout for the next contest! I tri to put it out on the 15th of the month.)


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Thank you 😁... I'm tryin!

Here's my entry—

The act of watching someone dance wholeheartedly is the portal to another world. One get to see so many random sculptures, forming and dissolving in the moment.

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This one is taking a while to settle in, but I do like it 😁. Thanks for playing again

"dog farts fell family of four"

... interested... Can you explain that one to me please?

It's from The Shipping News by Annie Proulx. The family is traveling a long distance and sleeping in the car. The family dog is overly flatulent and the narrator imagined the headline reading "dog farts fell family of four" after being discharged (dead). It's hilarious and ridiculous and therefore my fave!

Don't sweat it, not everyone is meant to stay in your life. Relationships expire. Don't try to force a door open that has already been closed for you. Go to where you are celebrated and not where you are tolerated.

Ah yes! I do like this one or few ones 😁

Glad you do. Thanks, my friend.

Okay, since your prompt is out, let me submit my quote before I forget:

You need to experience real food in order to understand the meaning of "empty calories".

And since I'm at it, here's the other one too:

You can walk out on the frozen lake, but it won't be the ice's fault if it breaks under you.

Love those two quotes of yours @stortebeker!