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Your posts are so outdated. I can't find any useful information, and all the links are to even older outdated posts. What a mess you guys are.
I've held shares for years, and never got a vote from you. I've bought more, and others have for me as well, and still nothing. I don't use Discord, and your posts are mostly nonsense. Other people have the same complaints about you. Obviously whatever you're doing, you run very poorly, and have become increasingly sloppy at.
I'd like a refund, but I don't suppose that's possible, so instead I'll just make some posts to warn people about your scheme.


I apologize for not seeing this message earlier. I was busy through the holidays and then had several family emergencies. We have been actively providing support through Discord, but not on-chain.

In every single post, we were posting links to helpful information (SBI Helpful Resources) that explain how everything works. I apologize if you felt the information was outdated, but it still accurately describes how things work (with a few exceptions that have been notated in the FAQ).

Whenever there are changes to how our system works, we have done many posts describing the changes, but when there are no changes, we do not keep reposting the same information. Just because a post is old does not mean it is wrong.

There is a refund policy in place, and there are links to it in both our FAQ and in our Helpful Resources.

I love Basic Income concept... thanks for what you are doing, guys!

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