SteemAce Daily News - 27.10.2019

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On a daily basis we will provide you with news about what is going on in our gaming community. If you haven’t heard of SteemAce check out this post to inform you what it is all about. Also feel free to join us on Discord to ask any questions or to get in touch with the community.

1. Curation report - the best gaming posts

Content creators in the gaming section can benefit from upvotes of the account. It has 93k SP and 8k PAL as well as 10k NEOXAG to curate good quality gaming content. In order to receive an upvote you need to have staked GG Tokens. The more you have staked the higher the upvote will be. We will averagely distribute 1,000% upvote value on all daily posts dependend on the authors staked GG in relation to the other authors. Every author receives a maximum of 2 upvotes daily.

These are the posts of today’s upvotes:

PostUserVote value
SKYROAD.ME | Pumpkin farming contest | Results@immanuel94 (6560 GG)100 %
Qube 2 and Layers of Fear FREE til Nov 7 from Epic Games@frugalgamer (48 GG)1 %
DAYS GONE #14 Zadanie dla Copelanda@qbas116 (36 GG)1 %
Mental Exercise Using Real-Time Strategy Games@delegate4gg (22774 GG)100 %
🪓 The Long Dark – Wintermute 🪓 Episode 3 Crossroads Elegy .. #002 [GER]@john.difool (3814 GG)67 %
Let's play Slay the Spire - Episode 463 - I Need Tungsten to Live@danmaruschak (6444 GG)100 %
Opening 90 Beta Packs on SteemMonsters game@julisavio (2705 GG)48 %
[Ranked] Auros God of War 55 lvl ⚔️ Aeona Goddess of Nature 122 lvl@atnazo (3773 GG)67 %
Road of Rich [ROR] – Mercenary Slot Expansion@bitpizza (34 GG)1 %
A Knight Quest Walktrough Gameplay Part 9@sharmlock (1466 GG)26 %
Detroit: Become Human part 2 (Game Movie) (No Commentary)@tamiil (3656 GG)65 %
With the Zodiac in the background / Z Zodiakiem w tle@voxmortis (2140 GG)38 %
Stream Recap Outer Worlds[GER/ENG 864p 48fps] #streamonvimm@nerdtopiade (7734 GG)100 %
Plants and mindless zombies struggle to dominate the territory in Plants vs. Zombies@thranax (3228 GG)57 %
Doom 3 Normal Playthrough (Part 4) | Spook Night #38@cyberdemon531 (2898 GG)51 %

2. Token burn report

Today we burned more GG Tokens. So far we have burned 1,536,513.46 GG Tokens.

  • Post rewards: 6,020.89 GG
  • Buyback: 28,242.57 GG
  • Tournaments: 2,250 GG
  • Sell Wall: 1,500,000 GG

3. SBI (Steem Basic Income) giveaway

In the last 30 days we gave away 4 Splinterlands Beta Booster every day. We always want to vary with the giveaways we offer our GG stakeholders. So for now, we will give away 10 SBI every day. You can read about SBI here.
In short: You collect shares every day and as soon as you create a post, you receive an upvote from them.

Here are the winners of today’s giveaway:

Congratulations to the 10 winners. The SBI shares will be sent to you shortly.

4. New Delegations

Today there have been no new delegations.

Thank you so much to all our ongoing and future delegators! Every bit of SP matters 💪

More information about our delegation program:

(Rewards of this post go 100% to except for GG tokens)

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