SteemAce Weekly Report (best gaming posts & authors)

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1. Best Gaming Posts (non video)

Here is our list of the best gaming posts on Steemace of the week. The list excludes videos (which are further down in this post). It's personal opinion of course and there is always the possibility that we missed a great post (sorry of that happens, we try our best).

TheGoliathhh, Guardian of Humanity Part #7 - Mojave Wasteland locations of interest @thegoliath
Just finished the "Conquest Ending" of Neptunia Re;birth2 @ahmadmanga
How can one player be so lucky?? No potions, but great cards. @welshstacker
PokemonGO Blog - 202 - Terrakium ist los | EX-Raid gestern @dotwin1981
Playing some Stardew Valley ~ the 1.4 update! @kaelci
Atari Age, July/August 1983 @darth-azrael
This post is for Fortnite fans like me @thranax
Raid Shadow Legends | Review @enjar
PokemonGO Blog - 203 - Terrakium Raids | Tauschen | Shiny aus einem Ei | Freundes-Fest @dotwin1981
Final Fantasy VII Remake's Commercial & November Updates @ahmadmanga
The world of Rada Quest interview @mickvir
[Clearing The Backlog] Finding Teddy @ahmadmanga
Lost Ark First Impressions @moon32walker
Capcom navigates between the classic path or the one marked by Resident Evil 7 @thranax
Prison Architect | Review @enjar
PokemonGO Raid-Info - 020 - Togetic @dotwin1981
Enderal: Forgotten Stories - First Impressions! @kaelci
Showcase Sunday | Enjar's Gaming Index | Browser And Mobile @enjar
Untamed Top Ten Special @flauwy
Epistory: Typing Chronicles (PC Game Review) @epistory
Minigames found inside video games @gabox
Resident Evil (Biohazard) ...the eye of a maniac... @voxmortis
Great games that you can play on almost any PC @fearlessgu
Splinterlands Untamed | One day after the release... @anouk.nox.spt
The Everquest Chronicles: HighHold Pass @slobberchops

2. Featured video gaming content

This is our list with good video gaming content of this week. Many authors create videos daily so we only have one post per author in this list. It should be easier for potential followers to find video creators they like.

Splinterlands Card Editions Explained @crypto-spore
Sort of 3D - Pinball Power on the Commodore 64 @retrocommodore
Tekken 7 Lei Wulong (Ryan) VS Noctis (dark_cellar) @rye05
Terminator Resistance - The Rules of Survival Part 2 | Dtube Exclusive #348 @jodipamungkas
N64 Gaming Episode 2 | Zelda - Ocarina of Time | @knowhow92
Can people watching be allowed to control mobs in a DnD campaign? @thecastle
♛ Gods Unchained ♛ ★ TeamOCD Tournamnet ★ @atnazo
Lost Ember by Mooneye Studios – 007 [GER] @john.difool
Let's play Slay the Spire - Episode 499 - Daily for 01-Dec-2019 @danmaruschak
(GERMAN content) The Elder Scrolls Online: Summerset part 3 (Game Movie) (No Commentary) @tamiil
🔴NIOH - Gameplay en Español - Vigía en la Oscuridad (Otra vez Saika Magoichi) #19 @wiriwiri
Monkey King Hero Is Back Walktrough Gameplay Part 12 @sharmlock
Flintstones Bedrock Bowling For PlayStation: How It Happens | Sunday Runday! #137 @cyberdemon531
Wreckfest Gameplay 12-02 @solominer
GTA V - Part 19 - Michael wird Filmproducer? [Deutsch] @loliver
Gods unchained. Rozio [30vl] ⚔️vs DomeMeFly [19vl] [PL] @rozioo

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Here are the winners of this week's giveaway:

@emmamia, @aboss, @neoxian, @flyerchen, @julisavio, @enjar, @abh12345, @gitgud, @beeyou, @criticalthinkin, @atnazo, @victor-alexander, @ambmicheal, @radaquest, @dotwin1981, @tradingideas.spt, @holoz0r, @roger5120, @danmaruschak, @balte, @whatageek, @toocurious, @abh12345, @innovit, @jankos55, @jankos55, @hstafford, @nsfw-power, @oldtimer, @radaquest, @davidorcamuriel, @immanuel94, @balte, @travelgirl, @lukestokes, @matheusggr, @gfriend96, @nsfw-power, @eirik, @marianaemilia, @nerdtopiade, @thegoliath, @theholystuhl, @immanuel94, @uwelang, @balte, @menerva, @rivalzzz, @mattclarke, @thranax

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