SteemAce Weekly Report (best gaming posts & authors)

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1. Best Gaming Posts (non video)

Here is our list of the best gaming posts on Steemace of the week. The list excludes videos (which are further down in this post). It's personal opinion of course and there is always the possibility that we missed a great post (sorry of that happens, we try our best).

New changes in League of Legends @thranax
Win, lose or draw, don't mess with my Manticore! @welshstacker
[Clearning The Backlog] City Quest @ahmadmanga
Welcome to the Sims 3... @kaelci
[Retrospective Review] Digimon: Digital Card Battle @ahmadmanga
PokemonGO Raid-Info - 019 - Galar-Smogmog @dotwin1981
[ScreenShot Saturday] My Last Week in Gaming (Nov 17-23) @ahmadmanga
TV Gamer (April 1984) @darth-azrael
Random-Post-Contest: Einmal Classic und zurück @dotwin1981
Gods Unchained - Nivel 45, 87 victorias, 335 cartas + 2 packs y oponente inesperado: @acidyo!!! @nelyp
Rufus, Anna and Edna... Daedalic Entertainment games." @holdyourdream
SKYROAD.ME | Minigames Weekend | Results @immanuel94
Video games that demanded too much hardware in the PC world @gabox
Use Video Games To Heal Brain Injuries @delegate4gg
Piece De Resistance: Call of Duty Mobile Review @marvel1206
The same medium that reported this has indicated the error @thranax
SKYROAD.ME | Minigames Weekend - Play and earn rewards | [20 SBI pool] @immanuel94
Splinter Reviews Part Two: Death (Pre-Untamed) @shyaren
the return of the Half-Life franchise @thranax
¿The future of video games? @thranax
PokèmonGO - Team GO Rocket Guide #002 - Sierra @dotwin1981
Virtual Reality Games To Decrease Pain @delegate4gg
Build contest result to the topic "Swimming Pool" | Bauevent Ergebnis zum Thema "Schwimmbad" @immanuel94
The company ceased support for the professional MOBA scene @thranax
[TIC-80 Games] Sandbox @ahmadmanga

2. Featured video gaming content

This is our list with good video gaming content of this week. Many authors create videos daily so we only have one post per author in this list. It should be easier for potential followers to find video creators they like.

Code Vein - Provisional Government Outskirts | Dtube Exclusive #339 @jodipamungkas
Let's play Slay the Spire - Episode 486 - Mightily Smitily @danmaruschak
(SPANISH content) 🔴 Nioh - Gameplay en Español - Nevadas Insólitas (Boss Yuki-Onna) #7 @wiriwiri
🪓 The Long Dark – Wintermute 🪓 Episode 3 Crossroads Elegy .. #023 [GER] @john.difool
Unforeseen Incidents part 3 (Game Movie) (No Commentary) @tamiil
Monkey King Hero Is Back Walktrough Gameplay Part 6 @sharmlock
Tekken 7 Lei Wulong (Ryan) VS Zafina (TotoyLakatan) Part 2 @rye05
Gods Unchained ★ Twilight Shadow ★ Auros God of War 27 lvl vs God of Light 18 lvl @atnazo
Mega Man X2 Classic% Walkthrough Ft. Nelson Mandela | Rock X Block #5 @cyberdemon531
(GERMAN content) Stream Recap 09.11 @nerdtopiade
Vlog : X-Alive building weapons and items while in game! @thecastle
My First Live Stream of Steemmonsters(Splinterlands). @burn-it-down
Frozen Altars Spyro Trilogy @kaylinart
My First Ranked Match - Silence Speaks Plays GODS UNCHAINED @silence-speaks
(POLISH content) GRIP - Wyścigowy Rozio #3 @rozioo
DTube | Residence of Evil : Vigil ( Fan Demo ) First gamepaly @voxmortis
(GERMAN content) GTA V Part 10 Trevor ist brutal [Deutsch] @loliver
And the winner is .... @emsonic
It's Little - Microball Pinball Game on the Commodore 64 @retrocommodore

3. SBI (Steem Basic Income) giveaway

We are giving away 50 SBI every week. Every staked GG counts as won ticket for the raffle.

Here are the winners of this week's giveaway:

@gniksivart, @mk-gg-token, @zaku-spt, @glory7, @leeyh2, @balte, @kaylinart, @radaquest, @classical-radio, @delegate4gg, @balte, @wiriwiri, @jayplay.cur, @quenselite, @kaelci, @mermaidvampire, @radaquest, @influencer07, @kasnaranja, @nsfw-power, @radaquest, @vimukthi, @sbcbot, @radaquest, @mermaidvampire, @tradingideas.spt, @kaelci, @contrabourdon, @joele, @happyme, @dotwin1981, @balte, @wiriwiri, @akilie1029, @hertz300, @claudio83, @sircock, @reversemagnetar, @balte, @mk-gg-token, @chorock, @radaquest, @nerdtopiade, @fantasycrypto, @naha, @nsfw-power, @danielsaori, @satren, @sczed, @wiriwiri

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