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RE: Zombie Adventure (Déjà vu) - Game 57 - Day 8 (May 4, 2021)

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Player No. 7 (order No. 5)
Bonus roll = 10 (extra action again)
Action 1: Shoot at the Hulk with my rifle (rolled a 4)
Action 2: Shoot at the Hulk with my rifle (rolled a 3)
Action 3: Shoot at the Hulk with my rifle (rolled a 6)
Action 4: Move west

Took down 2 HP from the hulk and I am going west to stall the zombies.


I would have shot the rookie one more time to try and kill it and collect the life energy. I suppose I'm more selfish than you are. That is a very noble action to move and draw all the fire onto yourself.
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