Scouting Adventure - Game 48 - Day 56 (May 29, 2020)

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Curate here at the 5-minute mark before the 67,000+ SP vote comes in!

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Be the first to collect 30 SBD (in-game currency only).

Players can see a spreadsheet with their inventory and health here:

ctrl + L-click OR R-click and choose to open in a new tab (these are the ONLY solutions I found for opening a new tab/window). (make sure you are on the SCOUTING tab).

I encourage you to look at the FUTURE SCOUTING tab to get an idea of what is coming.

The Rules of this game can be found here:


Everyone who plays gets daily up-votes on their comments. (Delegating SP will increase the vote value and get you on my auto-voter! This is far superior to SBI, so a good investment for ROI).
Survivors can also 3D-print their own "survival" token using this link.
Survivors may claim their buttons by copying and pasting the following code and proudly display them on their pages:


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Player status:

  • P1 catches 3 fish, eats 1 food and 67 remains.
  • P2 caught 3 fish, ate a meal and has 12 remaining.
  • P5 is paused. He ate 1 food, leaving 1 remaining.
  • P6 searches for a bitter gourd, finds one and makes a water container from it; moves to E13 and fills the jug. She eats a meal and has 12 food remaining.
  • P7 is paused, ate 1 meal and has 6 food remaining.
  • P8 is paused. She eats one meal and has 3 remaining.
  • P10 searched 3 times and found 2 twigs, ate one meal leaving 4 food remaining.
  • P11 finds 2 safety-pins and 10 tubes; takes only the tubes. He ate 1 meal and has 16 food remaining.
  • P12 finds a branch and makes a spear. P12 eats 1 meal and has 5 food remaining.

NPCs turn:

  • They mind their own business.
  • The vendor posts a sign saying that he is not buying fish at this time because he has too many in stock.


You may wish to use the template below (copy, paste, edit).

### Player ()
Action 1:
Action 2:
Action 3:


Simplified Delegations to @happyme

Get votes roughly 10 times the value of your delegation. (I can vote twice if you exceed my VP.) Those who play the adventure games and delegate have been getting just over 20X their delegation value beyond what the other players get! I try to give as much as I possibly can, but as more people delegate, I'll need to cut back the VP to accommodate the extra daily votes.
50 SP | 100 SP | 150 SP | 200 SP | 500 SP | 1000 SP

Re-claim your delegation from @happyme
Remove delegation

For more options, read the comments section for a script you can use.

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Player 2

Action 1: Go Fishing.
Action 2: Go Fishing.
Action 3: Go Fishing.

Player 11 (3rd)

Action 1: Found string and took it.
Action 2: Found nail and feathers. Did not take it.
Action 3: Found nail and feathers. Did not take it.

Player 10
Action 1: Move to F13
Action 2: Go Fishing.
Action 3: Go Fishing.

Player 12 (1st)

Action 1: Move to D16.
Action 2: Use my fishing pole to catch a fish.
Action 3: Use my fishing pole to catch a fish.

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Player 1 (6th)

Action 1: Catch a fish with the fishing pole.
Action 2: Catch a fish with the fishing pole.
Action 3: Catch a fish with the fishing pole.