Scouting Adventure - Game 48 - Day 53 (May 26, 2020)

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Players can see a spreadsheet with their inventory and health here:

ctrl + L-click OR R-click and choose to open in a new tab (these are the ONLY solutions I found for opening a new tab/window). (make sure you are on the SCOUTING tab).

I encourage you to look at the FUTURE SCOUTING tab to get an idea of what is coming.

The Rules of this game can be found here:


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Player status:

  • P1 catches 3 fish, eats 1 food and 61 remains.
  • P2 caught 3 fish, ate a meal and has 6 remaining.
  • P5 is paused. He ate 1 food, leaving 1 remaining.
  • P6 drops 2 large stones on the fire, moves to the merchant and trades 3 spears for a health potion. She eats a meal and has 15 food remaining.
  • P7 moved to D10, found a branch and made a spear, ate 1 meal and has 8 food remaining.
  • P8 is paused. She eats one meal and has 3 remaining.
  • P10 searched 3 times and found a twig, ate one meal leaving 7 food remaining.
  • P11 moves to pick up his 3 spears at J10, then moves back to H10. He ate 1 meal and has 13 food remaining.
  • P12 takes a potion, attacks the deer and kills it, eats 1 meal and has 2 food remaining.

NPCs turn:

  • They mind their own business.
  • The vendor posts a sign saying that he is not buying fish at this time because he has too many in stock.


You may wish to use the template below (copy, paste, edit).

### Player ()
Action 1:
Action 2:
Action 3:


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Player 10
Action 1: search for twigs, found none
Action 2: search for twigs, found twigs
Action 3: search for twigs, found none

I think I am done with your maps

I left the top and bottom blank so you can write what you want there, I also left the grid off so you can add your own assets to the maps and put the grid on top of it, here is a link to the png file of the grid image

Here are links to the full size map images

Thank-you so very much! These are fantastic. I will add the dump myself, so ignore my previous post. I didn't see this until after I responded.

Ok, sounds good, let me know if you need help with any edits

Will do, but I don't anticipate any problems. You did the bulk of it already.

I'm curious about things like the stone path... is that a special brush that allows you to draw the path like painting it on? Is that all provided with Gimp or a custom item? How about all the other assets; where do they come from?

Do I NEED to get Gimp someday soon? LOL

For this map I used a photoshop plugin, but yes basically the way it works it is just a bunch of custom brushes that lets you paint, paths, grasses, rivers, hils, etc...

The reason I recommended gimp to you is because that is the closest thing you can get to photoshop that is free, so if you take some time to learn it you will be able to create maps that look just as good. There are tons of tutorial videos on GIMP on youtube so if you ever get stuck you can always find a tutorial video

There might even be some custom plugins for GIMP for map creations like this, but I dont know I have not looked into it.

One can create custom brushes in Photo Pos Pro as well, but I have not delved into customizations.
Software has become very versatile and powerful in the past few years. My problem is that I have far too many interests and not enough time to pursue them all. That's why I look for ready-made solutions. The idea of plug-ins is what I would be interested in. One of these days I hope to take a closer look into where Gimp has gone and if I should switch over. Thanks for all your help and advice.

Player 11 (2nd)

Action 1: Move towards the dump site.
Action 2: Move towards the dump site.
Action 3: Move to K24 at the dump site.

Player 7:
Search for a branches

You pick up 1D6 and roll a 2

Continue searching

You pick up 1D6 and roll a 1

!D6 again

You pick up 1D6 and roll a 6

Player 2

Action 1: Use the Fishing Pole to catch some fish.
Action 2: Use the Fishing Pole to catch some fish.
Action 3: Use the Fishing Pole to catch some fish.

Player 12 (1st)

Action 1: Pick up the deer.
Crafting: Use my hatchet to skin the deer and cut the deer meat up into meal-sized portions. Give 6 food to P11 and keep 6 for myself. Cut strips of leather off the hide from the legs and other smaller sections of hide to make a string-like material in order to stitch together 2 pairs of crude leather socks. I use the tips of a spear to punch the needed holes into the leather so that I can stitch pieces together and also to lace them up so that the socks stay on. I give a pair of leather socks to P11 and put on the other pair myself.
Action 2: Move to D10.
Action 3: Search for a branch to make another spear and find one.
Crafting: Use the hatchet to make a spear from the branch.

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Player 1 (5th)

Action 1: Use the fishing pole to catch a fish.
Action 2: Use the fishing pole to catch a fish.
Action 3: Use the fishing pole to catch a fish.