Blast Pro Series Global Final 2019 day 1 Predictions

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Blast Pro Series Global Final 2019 day 1 Predictions

What is Bladt Pro Series?

The 4 best teams will go head to head in a double elimination format over 3 days with 2 x BO3 matches per day and only one match running at a time. The Global Final will crown the 2019 BLAST Pro Series Season Champion, who on top of the trophy will win 350.000 US dollars of the 500.000 US dollars in the total prize pool for the 4 top teams. The total prize pool of the BLAST Pro Series 2019 season is 2 million US dollars.

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I forgot that there was csgo today xD

Todays match


Faze vs NIP

They have already played one map, which was Vertigo and Nip won it, 16-13, which on paper doesn't make sense, Faze have so much mere firepower on their team.

Second map is going to be Mirage, which lends its favor to Faze, because its more of a aim map, than a teamplay map.

If Faze takes Mirage we will end up on Nuke as the 3rd map.

Faze plays really really bad at the moment, so Nip could take it.

Nip wins

Liquid vs Astralis

This is the currently rivalry in csgo.

Astralis won over Liquid last week, but Astralis also lost to Mousesports, so who knows which of these teams are coming out on top x)

I cant see the maps yet, since they are decided right before the match.
But I have confidence in my fellow country men to take this one.
Astralis wins


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