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RE: Zombie Adventure (Déjà vu) - Game 57 - Day 18 (May 14, 2021)

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Player No. 5 (order No. 2 )

Bonus roll = 20
Action 1: Move North
Action 2: Move West
Action 3: Move West

Oh how fickle the gods of the die can be. no dangers in site, nothing to take a whack at with my bat, as I stumble into the safety of the safe zone. A trick of a weakened mind, Did I ever really leave the safe zone? Was it all really a dream? My mind feels broken, as if it was transferred back in time into a zombie. That I lived their un-dead state of being.

It felt so real. I feel like having some !PIZZA but am unsure if I can ever enjoy it again, I still feel the taste of rotten cardboard in my mouth even though it was just a dream. The !BEER was it really beer? What was it I was drinking in my dream state? Was it rain water or blood from blood soaked rags squeezed to get the blood juice? I don't know if I will ever be able to stomach another red beer in my life. I have the same feel for yellow beer, just what was it I was drinking in my dreams.

It felt so so real when I would !ENGAGE 20 the police with my bat, the feel of power behind my swings the sudden loud sound of a good solid whack against a head. All a dream? How long will it take for the dream to fade? Will it fade in time, I do not know, but my life and the life of my compatriots goes on. We live another day as humans, have we changed? I know that I have changed, will it be for the good or the bad only time will tell.


OOoo... chills up and down my spine again!

It is truly a pleasure having such dedicated and involved participants. Almost every day I'm rewarded with a comment that moves me in one way or another. I feel truly blessed to know such wonderful people. Thank-you for being a part of my life! !ENGAGE 20, !BEER, !LUV.

I enjoy my daily zombie experience, it is fun, kind of like when I was a kid and the newspaper came to the door we would all grab the funny page and read Peanuts to see what antics Snoopy was up to or if Lucy was in, or if the football got pulled out from under Charlie Brown as he was about to kick it.

It is fun having a daily thing to look forward to. Some days I am just more awake and thinking than other days.



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