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RE: Zombie Adventure (Déjà vu) - Game 57 - Day 8 (May 4, 2021)

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Player No.6 (order No. 1)

Bonus roll = 19 (Oh man, if ever I needed a bonus it's now)

I honestly can't believe I'm still alive. I know I could technically take out these two cops by myself but I'd need a lot of luck so I'm going for help.

Action 1: Move East
Action 2: Move East
Action 3: Move South


Do I detect a little bit of sanity creeping in there? Going for broke can work at times, but eventually it will let you down. Sometimes going a bit slower but more securely is the smarter way to go. If I was competing in a ninja tournament, I would rather take a penalty and come in second than risk it all and fail to complete the course, making me last.

It definitely hurts to be sane sometimes.... I honestly wrestled with this decision for so long this morning...

LOL... I can imagine! I have done that myself. It is always the , "What if?" I want to be able to try and if I don't like the result, back up time and try again... which reminds me of a film called, Run Lolla Run. In the film, this girl runs to save her boyfriend, but each time she is too late, so she keeps re-trying over and over and over again until she finally gets it right.

I haven't thought of that movie in years... but I absolutely loved it.

Oh sweet! So you know what I'm talking about.


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