Should I start streaming?

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Over the last week, I have been watching a number of streamers on the DLive platform.

I have been doing this for SteemClan because of the latest Satoshi's Treasure challenge.

In this week, I have watched countless hours of these streamers and also communicated with them whilst they have been streaming.

It's because of this highly interactive manner that I am now intrigued and considering streaming myself.

What would I stream?

I am what you may call a "Nerd" or "Geek" so, I do like to play the odd computer game. I play some classics such as "Age of Mythology" and "Warcraft 3". I also play some newer games like "Minecraft" and "Factorio".

But it does seem that there is an overflow of "Gaming" streamers anyway. This is where I propose that perhaps I will look at doing some less traditional streams. I myself am a developer by trade, this is where perhaps I would do some "Coding Session" type streams where I would go through and create an application live on stream and help others with questions in real-time.

I would of course still like to do the odd Gaming stream and these would likely be some blockchain-based games as these seem rather popular on the DLive site.

Some suggestions of what I may play:

  • Steem Monsters
  • 0xUniverse
  • Axie Infinity
  • CSC
  • Crypto Sword and Magic
  • Prospectors

What do you think?

This is where I look for feedback to determine whether it will be worth my time. I will likely do some streams in the meantime and gauge the response from DLive's community.

Let me know what your thoughts are and whether you would watch or subscribe.

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Why dont stream on vimm ? A plattform on steem ;-)

This was a conversation that came up on Discord today.

My main issue with is its missing a lot of features and doesn't have a big userbase. I will definitely be streaming to it but it will not be my main platform yet.

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