Steem2020 - what should Steem do next year & I can definitely help

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Each of us can definitely help to take steem to next level - but in order to do that, we ourselves must be convinced first that steem is a great platform and has outstanding potential as a public blockchain.


what should Steem do next year

Well, in my opinion, Steem should be delivering what it promised - the SMT , Communities. And I am quite optimistic that they will be delivered because they are already on the testnet. So there may be bugs, issues, but that is going to be fixed to make the blockchain solid, before it is rolled out for the public.

Apart from that, I think, Steem should delegate more stake to dapps, that allows users to post natural content like @actfit. Because to use those dapps, users don't need any special blogging or content creation ability. Anyone can use these kind of dapps and that is help us to have mass adoption. We need those people to consume the great content, that other great writers produce to balance the echo system.

How I can help

I have seen some other posts and I completely agree with other's opinion to do some big events, like Crowdfunded Advertising, to reach to the masses. But my focus is on what I can do, and deliver - something that I will be definitely able to reach.

Spread the gaming platform built on steem among kids/ teenagers

So we have some great gaming platforms built on steem, and SPLINTERLANDS has reached new heights. However, I think, there are very few from India who knows about these. And today, you go to any home, if there is a teenager, he must be playing some games in mobile or laptop. And the classic example is my son @shreyansh. Even though I have put some rules, he loves to play games whenever he is allowed and its not only him, its almost every kid his age.

So I have started encouraging my son to play in SPLINTERLANDS , I have gifted him some cards, asked him to try out the new game and slowly he is getting interested. So once he gets hooked into it, he will be my natural advertiser to bring his friends. And I will help them onboard on the blockchain and I hope eventually, there will be more and more kids playing SPLINTERLANDS , and any other gaming platform on steem blockchain than Mobile games or games on laptop.

Bring back people who were already here but now inactive

When I joined steemit, I was very much excited and I spread the words and were able to bring in few people like @prabalmallick, @sanmi, @samarbbsr, @amanprem, @ranjangjang, @soubhagya, @somadeb, @ranjanphoto apart from my wife @sweetbbsr and @shreyansh. You can feel how excited I was, to have my family on this blockchain. But then after some time, there was not much activity from my side and some of these people continued for some time with some success, but right now I see most of them are inactive. I only see random posts from @prabalmallick. May be he lost interest because of the reward amounts.

So my plan is to reach out to these people and encourage them to become active based on how things have changed now. @prabalmallick alone has got his own art studio where he teaches many students. So we can definitely have more creative people from his group land up here. @amanprem has his own news channel, and he himself is an outstanding photographer. I am planning to talk to him soon, to integrate his news site with @steempress-io and put some advertisements in his news site to people notice and come here. Even though the content is regional, he is getting some decent visit count there and earning a little. At least few people will notice the ad I think.

Help new people onboard with free accounts

I have discovered that I can claim free accounts based on what ever steem power I have. And I also discovered that I could do it in done by @steemchiller. So I have started doing that. Since I do not have lot of activities, I have spare resource to consume to claim these free accounts. And I intend to use to invite new people to onboard instantly. So not like earlier, when they used to wait for almost more than a week.

Invest a little more to help these people

I have invested a little on the steem blockchain, and I intend to invest a little more, to be able to reward people whatever I can. I know there are many big accounts like @ocdb and @acidyo thinks, they have enough to support user retention. But having someone with continuous support will encourage new people. So who ever I bring in, will have my support till they get enough attention here. That way I think, they will not be discouraged.

Reach to big business entities to build something on steem blockchain

I am not sure, whether there will be any success in this or not, but there is no harm in trying anything. In my opinion, we still have not got the right use cases on the blockchain. I liked the presentation by @grampo most in Steemfest, the perfect use case of steem blockchain. Similarly we can have other platforms that can be leveraged by the public in a natural way ( they don't need to be great content creators). Few such use case I think are : Build something to Keep Warranty of products on the steem blockchain - @teamhumble hunted one such product recently . Another great use case is customer reviews - Imagine what would happen, if Amazon would integrate with steem blockchain to publish user reviews and reward them. Similarly we can reach to DTH platforms , to have their customer issues tracked on blockchain.

While these are some of the ideas - which may need outreach to top people - no harm in trying.

Help people understand how to encash the rewards
I want to open an office where I can explain everything to people on how they can encash the rewards. Right now, crypt is neither banned nor legal in India, and people have a lot of negative perception on crypt. There is lot of fights going on to regulate it in India and I hope it will get some sort of regulation. Recently one of the largest banks (State Bank of India) Chairman argued to legalize crypt in India. But then the hardest part is to help people realize how they can encash the rewards to INR. I have been working on that, and so far I see is a good option. I am going to invest using this site and also encash to make sure the system works flawless. And then I will be able to explain people how they can encash their rewards.

And last but not the least

I want to run a recurring event in my apartment to spread the words and have some fun. May be weekly or biweekly or even monthly with a small crowd of 20 - 40 people which will constitute teenagers. The reason I want to do this is that I believe teenagers are our natural advertisers and nothing is stronger than word of mouth.

All of these are my personal opinions and ideas which I think is achievable and I am going to do this. In fact as I stated, I already started doing it starting from my home by encouraging my son. Hope you will see more and more from me going forward.


Thank you for your entry in the Steem2020 contest.

nice thoughts and action and good luck😀

Good ideas

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