Steem2020 contest - congratulations to the winners...

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We have the winners!

Thank you again to all 37 people who took the time to enter the Steem2020 contest. There have been some great ideas put forward on how to grow Steem next year.

Thank you also to the contest sponsors who donated prizes - @theycallmedan, @yabapmatt of @steemmonsters, @starkerz of @yoodoo and @threespeak, @good-karma of eSteem and @ecoinstant.

And thank you to my fellow judges @theycallmedan and @exyle for helping me select the winning entries.

In total there are 11 entries that will be receiving prizes...

The Winning Entries

Runners Up to each receive 2 Splinterlands Untamed booster packs...

Runners Up to each receive 100 ESTM ...

My congratulations to all the winners.

Your prizes should be with you over the next few days.

Thank you for entering and I hope your ideas will be put into practice.

[ graphics by @pennsif / @theycallmedan / / Splinterlands ]


Oh wow, I don't ever recall ever winning this type of contest, but I am stoked and thank you. Big shout out to everyone who participated. Lots of great ideas and concepts.

I have already started reaching out to crypto-tubers and getting some positive responses. I will post about it soon.

Congrats @daan and @slobberchops as well as all the other winnners!

I love new #Steem!

Thanks for your great contribution.

2020 will be cool with our dear Steem blockchain.

Thanks to all participants to this challenge.

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🥳 woot
Congrats 🎉 to all the winners!
Going forwards with more and more power!
Thanks for the contest!

Congratulated all winers 👍

Awesome, thanks@Pennsif for this. Congratulations to all winners.

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Congratulations to all who participated and especially to the winners!!!

Thank you so much for this awesome contest. Great ideas everywhere and @intrepidsurfer killed it!
Big ups to everyone who participated and to all the sponsors making this contest even more awesome!


@knowhow92 tipped 100 SKATE TOKENS for this post!

@knowhow92 tipped 100 SKATE TOKENS for this post!

Congratulations to all winners! And thanks the organizers for this amazing contest again :)

Thanks for hosting!

Congrats to all! I haven't read some of the entries and am looking forward to it!

Congratulations @pennsif!
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Excellent. Congrads to all the winners!

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