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RE: Decentralized Standards Of Behavior | Ranty STEEM Freewrite

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Finally! Someone talked some sense.

All the small accounts now actually getting curated that were previously ignored, they aren't complaining about downvotes. Don't fall for the narrative. I implore you, check out the backstory of anyone trying to push it on you.

I can actually attest to this. And many more like me.


I'm glad your experience has improved! Thanks for dropping by.

Good thing I stick around. Most of my friends here in Cebu are gone. And quiet a few of them have quality contents, but no one noticed prior to HF21/22. I always convince them to go back, but I think it's now difficult to sway their decision to leave.

I always share my post to my social media accounts to convince my friends to join Steem because it's way better now than before.

X2^ I’ve seen many users get a nice bump in reward payouts.

Most of them deserve the rewards they get. Good thing meritocracy has been adopted. I am happy with my current payouts. Even at a bearish market, I earn a decent amount, but I didn't withdraw anything. I'm saving it for the future.