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RE: Binance tries to back peddle and play stupid

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Why do we have any reason to believe Ned was involved? What does he have to gain?

  1. So he won't get sued by justinsun for selling him stake that doesn't work under softfork 0.22.2
  2. He's an asshole who only cares for his own profit, ignoring advices from witnesses even though trust was given to him to take care of the massive stake. Trust just doesn't work in humans..
  3. I believe justinsun haven't pay him in full, so ned have to help him.

@ned could have done this all by himself at any time during the last 4 years. @ned didn't do this. What he did do was lull the substantial stakeholders into a false sense of empowerment by not doing it, or otherwise using his stake, except as he stated for supporting development and dapps.

The witnesses knew @justinsunsteemit was not @ned, and they did not trust @justinsunsteemit, which is why they did to him what they never did to @ned, and froze his stake.

There were probably legal considerations that @ned didn't do it for four years.

STINC was trying to get around security regulations with the ninja mine since it's a US company. He decided to sell out to relieve himself of legal troubles.

Ned probably was just interested in taking his money and running off. He got his payout from Justin Sun and that's all he cares about in my humble opinion.

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