My Thoughts on the Upcoming Fork

in #steem8 months ago

Well, after so much time posting in several Tribes, today I woke up to see ALL those Tribe Tokens were dumped into oblivion. My most valuable tokens are now BEER and the abandoned LifeStyle miner... How ridiculous is that? Bah. 🤦‍♂️

What happened, people? Why have you all dumped your tokens so hard? Are Steem Engine and all the Tribes being abandoned...? This is just sad.



Well... what can I do...? The only thing I can do is learn another hard lesson: as soon as you make any money in Crypto, dump it. There are no long term investors in this space.

So, now Steem will be forked into 2 different Networks: Steem and Hive.

I'd like to say I still believe in any of these projects, as an investment. Sadly, that would be a lie. I simply don't.

I like a lot of the people in the community but let's face it... As an investment? This is worse than gambling on Penny Stocks or at the Casino. As such, I'll join all of you short term investors and will only be posting, but not investing. Neither Steem or Hive will get another cent from my pocket.

So, don't you dare coming up to me with more initiatives such as "My Steem Power Up Day" or "My Hive Power Up Day" because if you do, I'll call you a scammer.

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.

I'm sorry if anyone out there doesn't like to listen to this... but this is what I think of Steem / Hive right now: a great platform to blog but one of the worst investments in the world.

Many of you are asking me... Where will I be posting? Well, after all this Drama, I can't say for sure. Most likely, I will double posting on both platforms for a while... and let time be the decider.

At this point I have no reason to trust either side of the battlefield, as I feel cheated by both.

Still, I cannot just pack up and leave, as I made many connections that have nothing to do with the top players I distrust and who led Steem into this dire situation.

Bye for today... and keep on Blogging, wherever you might stay.

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I am !DERANGED and give some away too...

It makes me sad too. I didn't sell anything and don't intend to. I am not sure what to do after the weekend. I like a part of the people I met here and with some I already found contact in a different way.

My connection is too slow to load sites, not even google works so without partiko or something faster there's no room for me here.

I knew already that most are here to earn, a parts claims they live from it. I have no idea how they managed that I never could. I invested a lot in this platform and at this moment I cannot say anything more about Hive as it is good if people who are unsatisfied leave and start something of their own. Too many left but at the same time many stayed so they cannot say Steemit or Steem didn't help them grow.

I wish you a great day. 💕

I also don't know. I invested a bit and, 3 years later, I am still far away from recovering that money, let alone winning something out of this.

Thanks for your visit.


Thank you for the !BEER I winder if it all still works.


Thanks gracias @wakeupkitty yo tampoco se sobre vender, mi primeros pasos eran escribir era lo que me motiva más, que se puede sacar ayuda de aquí, si es verdad, pero lo poco que he cambiado lo he comprado en comida, aunque soy mayor no me veo sin trabajar, me mantiene la mente activa y el corazón contento. No sé qué va a pasar o como va a reaccionar el mercado, steemit subió por lo que leí, yo seguiré escribiendo hasta que mi brazo pueda apretar estas teclas. Un abrazo

Thank you thank you @wakeupkitty I don't know about the seller either, my first steps were writing was what motivates me the most, what can I get help from here, if it's true, but the little he changed what I bought in food, although I'm older I don't I see without working, it keeps my mind active and my heart happy. I don't know what's going to happen or how the market is going to react, keep going up because of what I read, keep writing until my arm can press these keys. A hug @trincowski @wakeupkitty

No one knows what will happen. Everything is pisdible. You can join one or both and see what the future brings. I think you need to use both sites from tomorrow on if you want to post. Both will block posts from the opposite so back to the start. Original content only. I do not know yet what to do with my next contest.
Happy day and writing. Do what is good for you and makes you happy. I do not know what @olivia08, @marblely, @felixgarciap or @freedomshift will do.

Where you place the contest, your writing will follow you because it is you we are looking for, you have to be patient with everything that is happening @wakeupkitty

I will not leave steemit. I want to know what happens to this platform. I can only join Give if I have an easy option to sign in. My internet is not fast enough to load sites. Can be we have to stop with the contests. 💕

Me gusta aquí. No vivo de lo que gano aquí, solo me gusta el contacto con las personas que conozco aquí. Seguiré en el camino. Veré hasta donde me lleva. Si es para mal, yo lo escogí. Si es para bien también lo escogí. Veré lo que pasa y como pasa. Mientras consiga personas con quien comunicarme y seguir concursando, lo seguiré haciendo. Gracias @wakeupkitty por invitarme a leer esta publicación.

I like it here I don't live on what I earn here, I just like the contact with the people I know here. I will continue on the road. I'll see where it takes me. If it is for bad, I chose it. If it is for good I also chose it. I will see what happens and how it happens. As long as I get people to communicate with and continue to compete, I will continue to do so. Thank you @wakeupkitty for inviting me to read this post.

You can stay here and try the other too. No one knows what it will be and which platform will make it. We can keep an eye on both if possible but I stay here first and see what I can do next. My connection is a huge problem to me. 💕

So I will, friend.

Thanks for saving me the trouble of going to look at my steem-engine portfolio..

Yeah, it's pretty depressing to look at it now.


Hey @davedickeyyall, here is a little bit of BEER from @trincowski for you. Enjoy it!

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I share your pain. Hope these tokens go up after the HIVE airdrop.

I doubt it... I wonder what happen to the tribes now. 🤢

Thanks for your visit.


Hey @glory7, here is a little bit of BEER from @trincowski for you. Enjoy it!

Learn how to earn FREE BEER each day by staking.

Feel like I’ve wasted a lot of time posting and hoping for the best. All the steem I bought, I now regret. I’m sure steem will be dumbed from tomorrow and it will be worthless too

Me too. It was money down the drain... Well, now it seems like I'll be having two places to blog. Hopefully, all those tokens combined will amount to anything.

Thanks for your visit!


Let's hope for the best.

Yeah, either way, we can keep on blogging and ignore all the Mexican soap operas. Right?


I haven't sold, but I also haven't bought. I have invested only time. So, this is sad for sure. I hope that Hive will become the best that Steem was, but only time will tell and the leadership have a huge burden to prove to us that Hive will be this.

At this point it sounds like we're being asked to pick a choice between two devils... one unknown devil and a devil we already know. 🤣

How's WhaleShares doing these days?

yep. But the unknown devil is already making his stripes very well known... and is everything Steem was supposed to oppose.

Whaleshares is mostly dead now. There's activity, but little curation (as there is no reward for curating now.) I'm powering down there - and at WeKu. Now, just have to work out how to get my coins out to exchange for Hive.


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Will you be leaving...?

I'm quite let down too and will continue a presence on both platforms. I am impressed with neither blockchain at the moment. !giphy letdown !BEER

Same here. Most of my passion for this project is gone... 🙄