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Where do you guys buy steem? I use Binance and for the most part but I wonder if there are other quick exchanges like changelly that sell it. If you know any comment below for an upvote.

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thanks. will check it out.

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I haven’t figured out how to get the Steem I purchased from the app and into my steemit wallet. But you can def buy with fiat there. As well as swap for like 16 other cryptocurrencies

Also... my referal if you wanna. Don’t have to of course :

Metal is cool and I do want them to be able to compete with Venmo, but if you can’t withdraw you can’t even use it for Steemit. I don’t know anyone that wants to get paid for coffee in Steem.

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I use just blocktrades now. I usually buy litecoin on coinbase to exchange fiat. I was using onepagex but they randomly shut down. Makes me sad there is no old shapeshift type platform anymore.

I use blocktrades then send btc to cash app if I need usd.

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for @trevonjb

I had been using the same, Binance and blocktrades...but i recently took all my coin off Binance so im strictly blocktrades nowadays. Been hearing a lot of complaints about changelly speed and fees

I buy Steem for Bittrex.
There is an exchange called Bitvavo that Europe customers can use to exchange their euro to Steem directly without buying Bitcoin.
Here is the article link:

nice. too bad i'm not in europe

Maybe huobi is ok, they have steem trading pair with usdt. And then you can use fiat to buy usdt in Huobi OTC .

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I buy mines from KuCoin :)

Steem isn't on kucoin

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