PROOF Steem is Severely Undervalued! (45,331% Price Increase Possible)

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Showing a few stats that show how undervalued steem is

How Trailbase Works:


steem is a good buy at $0.05 cents

Sup Craig!

the price of steem is a concern, cheers mike

Steem is extremely undervalued. It's almost time to stack tons more... everyone is watching what Bitcoin will do in October :)

great video just logged into my Steem account after a year, seems like a nice time to get in now even if Bitcoin bleeds a bit more we will be ok here.

Super under valued man 100 percent agree. I also think this platform can grow and grow and reach $5-10 in time. Especially after bitcoin year.

That might give us a bull run like it did for Litecoin this year 👌🏼👍🏻

What about SCARCITY ?

Anybody serious about STEEM should definitely get to Dolphin status ASAP while its this cheap!

Hallelujah! That’s why I’m salivating for my next payout in ETH, this price is just too good. 5000 steem is so doable at these levels 🐬💪🏻

This is a good time to buy steem

I am curious to see what Steem’s cui would be with EOS level transactions.. would it still be around .07% or match EOS?

I noticed Lisk and Siacoin were high on the list too!

Steem has no fees and basically instant transactions I mean what more could anyone ask for out of a blockchain that Steem doesn’t already have??

Exactly. No fees....hello everyone. We are the coolest social media platform and crypto By Far 🥳✌🏼

Boom! Just bought 500 Steem let’s keep a tight nit mini community here. I will be buying 500 Steem every 3-5 days depending upon my eth Dapp payouts and I want to grow my account as fast as possible at these price levels.

Let’s help each other out peeps 🙌🏼👍🏼😃
Loved your video on, do you still rate that method as much now as you did?

Peace! ✌🏼☮️

Steem is very undervalued , as others have said I think it will go up in time. It will be interesting when it happens.

A 45% return would be juicy enough, but I have to say I don’t think 45,000 % is off either.
Social media and social media interaction is only going to grow and so shall we. Bring on the future 💪🏻👍🏻

If Steem hits $0.05, I'm loading UP!....:)...

I’m starting to believe it’s possible to see steem at 0,08 cent if whales decide to dump it. Not hard to happen if you consider the number of coins.
But also very possible to see it back to 0,30 cents. Probably bear fist 🤜 🐻