2Things I hate About Steem

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I love steem but these are 2 things I want to see change asap

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Whatever I'm flagging everyone on this trail starting from here, working my way in! lol ! Thanks for the heads up trev! You all here are the scammers. Shame2. lol don't u ever learn?? nope!~ i'm hunting ya!(with flags)

You have a problem with having to take 2 seconds to decide how much to give someones comment?
Thats the laziest and strangest complaint i ever heard.
You get to decide what something is worth to you. Not all comments are worth the same and not all posts are worth the same to one person.
Your stake lets you decide.
Also, your slider is saved to last comment vote % as a default so you dont have to think too much.

As i said... Such a strange complaint.

Also he can use steempeak.com and predetermine where he wants the slider to be.

for @trevonjb

I agree that the slider is annoying. It just takes away from you enjoying content because you have to think and analyze it. When you dont have to think about it, you feel more at ease.

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You are great for the Steemit community, keep the good work with your vids and knowledge

Problem 2 - use steempeak.com and in the settings preset how much you want to vote for both posts and comments and then you don't have to think about it.

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When I upvote am at 100% regardless if it’s for me or someone else, although I appreciate my voting power is not the same as someone like yourself , hopefully one day. Thanks mike

If there were no slider, nobody would upvote small accounts... 11-12 upvotes per day will be spent only on big players... Because of curation rewards...

Yea , that's a bullshit system.

I don't think there has ever been a time that I have upvoted anything other than 100%

YES! We need to get rid of SBD... however, I think someone needs to buy it all up to get rid of it. It's at a few million bucks right now.

Im not sure I understand what you were saying about SBD... Im not sold on SBD exactly, but its just a thing that I dont care about either way.

I'm just accumulating Steem through time and attention. Every dollar earned on Steemit is essentially 6 Steem in your pocket. It doesn't take much effort to earn 100 or even 1,000 steem that way.

6 steem x 30 days = 180 steem in one month.

Then look at SteemMonsters, free cards, free DEC, all of it equates to Steem and SBD, maybe even more than I earn regularly by blogging with Steemit.

i have to agree with you on this ... SBD should just be dropped ! its not working anyways

My issue is that I cant really justify locking up steem if I can just create content and get upvotes doing stuff I normally do anyway. SBD is also bullshit I completely agree on that. Not only is it bad for inflation but just using the internal market allows some pretty simple swing trading as it seems to reliably go back and forth between 0.16 and 0.21...

I also agree 100% that with BTC if you spend your BTC its gone forever basically. But with something like steem you there is more COINS coming in. BTC is only for that USD gain. Coins like steem trx and eos tend to net you ways to actually increase your coins.

Anyway with all of that said, I feel like this shits going to 5 cents, which means this is probably the bottom.

I was talking about this in my video earlier. 2 things that are stopping me from investing in steem is bitcoin and splinterlands. Every time I have money, I invest in those 2 instead of steem. I do hear you on the ability to invest in something that can give you a return and I want to have my crypto/money work for me. I just don't know if that thing is steem. Sounds like you're sold, but you have a ton of steem. What's the attraction for a new person to come on steem and invest money? The curation trail and paying for votes is a pain in the ass, I want something that's easy, that I don't have to think about. Like you were saying about IG.

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