Kinda Disappointed With Steem

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Seems like everytime bitcoin pumps steem falls. Maybe when everything settles with BTC more people will start looking into ALTS. We have to show that steem is a great tool for building many platforms such as palnet and weedcash. Steem maybe needs a sink to counter the yearly inflation. SMT's seem like a long way off and hopefully steem doesn't lose steam by then.

Would be nice if steemit also had the same promotion system that palnet and weedcash has which would burn steem.


Me too. It is such a shame to see Steem on the 70th place on the coinmarketcap. Currently, I am more excited about steem engine tokens like weed and pal than steem.

You have to realize that when measuring against bitcoin, of course STEEMs value is going to fall when bitcoin pumps, as STEEMS use is still largely tethered to the USD around 40¢. So it actually is a pretty good sign if your coin stays stable, as it shows actual usability as a currency/utility token. If you’re looking to use STEEM as a short term swing trading platform, you would probably be better off investing in worthless altcoins that swing with Bitcoin due to their lack of a use.

That’s of course just my pleb opinion, but I believe it’s fairly accurate :)

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The main issue is reward for engagement, it's a lot more active with a higher value steem. We need to come up with methods that would increase it's utility further and becomes the crypto of choice for buyers. It is also a great use as currency due to it's speed as well. It baffles me how low it's valued. Dropped to 70th place already.

This I definitely agree with. Simple supply and demand. You need use cases to promote wide adoption, but it’s hard to invest in use cases before it’s “worth it” by mass adoption. Chicken or the egg if you will. Games are a great way to reach the masses, but in the long term, you need it to be something more to make it last once all of the crypto devs start working on new projects again.

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